Springdale Officials Plan To Buy More Snow Equipment

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Leaders in Springdale plan to almost double their arsenal to fight icy roads by purchasing more equipment.

The $157,112 purchase would include two front snow plows for the city's Mack trucks, two belly plows for pickup trucks and two salt and grit spreaders from Grand Truck Equipment Company. The public works department currently has two front snow plows, one belly plow and three spreaders, said Sam Goade, Springdale public works director.

An ordinance is set to appear before the Springdale City Council next Tuesday (Jan. 28) asking to bypass the competitive bidding process, because the equipment is specialized and the department often does business with the company.

Mayor Doug Sprouse said he expects the measure to pass.

Goade attended a meeting with Missouri Department of Transportation and Arkansas Department of Transportation officials in Branson recently to increase the efforts of the city to deal with snowy weather.

There are 161 lane miles in the city of Springdale. Goade said he hopes to be able to pre-treat the roads prior to a snow and ice winter weather event in one to 1.5 hours with the new equipment.

The public works department will reallocate road maintenance funds to pay for the equipment. Goade expects the equipment to be incorporated into the snow and ice removal fleet at the end of 2014.

"If we never pull the trigger and decide now is the time to buy it, then after the next event, we’ll be having the same discussion," Sprouse said.

The city also plans on using 500 gallons of beet juice to used as a de-icer, Goade said.

Another component of the plan to better the city's effort to fight icy roads is to have a building for bulk amounts of ice. Goade said the building should hold 500 tons of ice and estimates it would cost around $140,000.


  • Michael

    I find this article somewhat funny, you mean that in all of these recent years; no one in NW Arkansas has had any snow removal equipment? I know that shortly after my family and I moved here, we had some decent snow falls, how did we manage to survive all of those years without any snow removal equipment? Now, we have to go get “brand new” equipment? Come on folks, this is not the first time and they don’t need to go buy brand new equipment, they are just looking for ways to spend our tax dollars. You were able to handle the snow back in the late `90’s and early 2000’s, why can’t you handle it now?

  • John

    Back in 2009 when we had the 24 inch snow I lived in Springdale and they had all the primary roads cleared in less than 12 hours. I know that was a dry fluffy snow, but it was snow.

    I think the city is trying to slip in this purchase in under the radar as we are all crazy sick of the recent snow and cold and busted pipes and we will all just think buying anything to undo winter is a good thing.

  • John

    By the way my daily car is an 18 year old car with 236,000 miles. I pay property taxes on two houses that the city claims ate worth $120,000 each. I listed one for $79,990 and got not one offer.

  • Sarah 1

    The Springdale City government is an enigma. A sad enigma.

    Downtown Springdale could be a wonderful place to walk the streets but no restaurants, bars, or anything not meeting the ‘church’ criteria is allowed. With all the money spent, why not visit downtown Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Louisville KY, or better yet, head to the Big Apple and see the economy booming because business is allowed to boom.
    Visit the Riverwalk of San Antonio and maybe you will realize what you are missing.

    Springdale should throw all the ordinances in the can and begin again. Just because you have City Council meetings does not mean ordinances need to be passed. Have some coffee, invite people in, ask what they would like to see Springdale become? The rodeo, ARVEST Ballpark, and the schools are not enough. The tax money is going north and south. Who doesn’t enjoy a stroll around the Fayetteville Square? Or walking down Dickson? Try it, you might like it?

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