Fort Smith Man Pleads Guilty to Shooting Son-In-Law

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A Fort Smith man pleaded guilty Wednesday to shooting his son-in-law in 2013, receiving probation but no jail time.

The plea comes after Charles Marr reached a deal with Sebastian County prosecutors. He received a sentence of five years probation, said Jeff Claybrook, deputy prosecutor.

“He has to pay full restitution," Claybrook said.

Henry Killian said he was shot by Marr after performing doughnut maneuvers in his truck in March 2013. According to court documents, Marr said he shot the victim because he was “driving like an idiot.”

"I remember getting in the ambulance and asking the ambulance driver if I was going to live," Killian said.

Killian was taken by helicopter to Little Rock, where he spent five weeks in the hospital.

"We are talking about a quarter of a million dollars, at least (in medical costs),” Killian said.

Although help is on the way for Killian, he is concerned about the liability on his credit.

"It didn't seem fair to get shot, but obviously people want their money,” he said.

Killian said if he wasn't wearing glasses the day he was shot, he may have been left blind.

Marr was also ordered to take have no contact with Killian and receive counseling.

Claybrook also said if Marr does not pay the restitution, he could have his sentence revoked and could face up to six years in prison.


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