Highway Worker Killed, Driver Hospitalized After Accident On I-40

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A highway worker is dead after an accident along Interstate 40 between Van Buren and Alma on Thursday morning (Jan. 23), according to state police.

Arkansas State Police said Kevin Anderson, 49, of Springdale, a traffic control worker contracted through the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, was removing traffic-counting cables from the highway when he was hit by a car at approximately 6:20 a.m. Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene by the coroner, police said.

The driver of the 2009 Volkswagen sedan, Jerry Estep, 26, of Coal Hill, was taken by ambulance to Summit Medical Center in Van Buren with minor injuries, according to Sgt. Randall Dias with ASP.

Anderson was from Springdale.

"I have known him for 20 years," said Anderson's neighbor Richard Watson. "Him and his wife where church goers, christian people."

Anderson worked for The Traffic Group, based out of Maryland. Wes Guckert, President of the The Traffic Group issued 5NEWS a statement. 

"We are deeply saddened by the untimely loss of our colleague Kevin. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife June and the rest of his family at this difficult time. He was a valued and trusted member of our team. We are working in full cooperation with the Arkansas authorities in their investigation of this tragic incident."

Eyewitness statements suggest Anderson was within the traffic lanes when he was struck. He was wearing a reflective traffic safety vest, according to Dias.

"It's been very traumatic," said the drivers mother Drucilla Estep. "We are just tired and we just need a lot of prayers. I know the other family does too."

Dias said there is no indication Estep was speeding or under the influence of any intoxicants at the time of the accident.

Authorities from Arkansas State Police, Crawford County Sheriff's Office and the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department were all on scene investigating the deadly accident.


  • deborah

    Don’t put these pictures on the internet before the family is notified! what if some one’s child saw this and it was their mom or dad, geeeezzzz.

  • Jane Doe

    There is nothing wrong with putting a photo of the car. The person in the car was not killed. The person driving this car struck a person on the road, and killed him.

  • John

    Yes, but the car has no unique identifier, as no photo showing the tag, or any other specific unique characteristics of a particular car are shown.

    I bet the Fort Smith area has over 100 registered Volkswagens that year, that model.

  • John

    Apparently a road worker was in the process of attempting to repair a broken cable barrier and was struck by the sedan and died at the work site, which is the road. So sad. I feel so bad for everyone involved.

  • terry lynn moorey

    as a mother who lost a son to an accident , just remember his family will see this picture and no matter what its hard to see. To the family from the bottom of my heart I am so very sorry for your loss. My prayers will be with you

  • Ben Mcentire

    To hide the photos of the tragic and avoidable problems high workers and officials face daily, is a larger tragedy itself and by showing these photos although hard and sad, it brings the issues right to the front…We can make the difference in the world …

  • JD

    Ben Mcentire you make a very good point. We don’t know what caused this accident, but the tragic images do show how important it is to be extremely cautious while driving, and if you happen to be on the side of the road working or stranded.

  • Lupe

    During that time of morning the worker probably didnt see the driver. The car color blended with highway. May maybe didnt have their lights ON! Thats very possible. I have that trouble myself with seeing other vechicles. PLEASE TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS!!!! Dusk and Dawn I Do feel sooooo sad for both.

    • April

      I would think that with the type of car he has, it would have had the daytime driving or the headlights automatically on. I know the driver and their family, they’re not stupid.

  • debbie graham

    As a parent, friend, or whatever a human in general i think its Very inappropriate to post a picture of the body in a body bag, Have some respect for the family and friends!

  • Tom Hoford

    Is it illegal for citizens to stand or put their car where this reporter is standing ? Isn’t she endangering herself. And the drivers because of the distraction.

    • Anonymous

      The pictures might not have been taken by a reporter. Not to mention, with the types of adaptations and stuff that can be put on a camera, they could have been standing clear on the other shoulder. They obviously weren’t in the middle of the crime scene or else they would have been told/asked to move.

  • cheryl

    I lost my father and sister in a auto accident. I found out when we saw the picture on the news. It was a very hard to loose them but finding out this way was even worse.

  • Matthew David King Wheeler

    There’s nothing new about the content being displayed on this domain. I understand it’s brutal and seems insensitive, but this is cotton ball material compared to images shown on major news services like CNN/MSNBC/FOX etc. The situation is negative in nature, therefore just about anything within the proximity of the subject matter is going to be negative as well. By commenting with dissent towards the story, absolutely nothing of fruition will occur.

    Mourn, care, pray, keep going.

  • April

    Please remember BOTH families and please show respect of the driver. As it was mentioned already, he will never forget this for the rest of his life. Pray for all involved.

  • gene mentink

    we need to remember that flashing lights mean slow down and move over to the other side away from flashing lights’ so sad for all involved thoughts & prayers to all

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