Fayetteville Students Go To Saturday School

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The second of eight snow days was made up Saturday (Jan. 25) in Fayetteville.

Some parents of Vandergriff Elementary School said it was a little hard to prepare their young children for the sixth day of classes in a week.

"Well, they were dreading it, but once they got up and got here, they let them have a fun day," Christy Plummer said. "I mean, they’re doing some work, but they’re making it fun for them."

Clayton Hamilton said his family would still go to the Razorback basketball game that night and have family time.

"A little bit hard, certainly on a third grader, but we prepared her for it," he said. "She knew it was coming and hopefully it’s been a good day."

Students made up their first day missed on Monday (Jan. 20) for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Alan Wilbourn with the Fayetteville School District said if a student already had a trip planned or can’t get off of work, the absence will be excused. However, parents must call the school to get the absence excused.

However he said the only difference is that school will be dismissed an hour earlier than their dismissal time.

This is the first time in three years that students at Fayetteville Public Schools have had classes six days in a row.

In addition to the two days the district made up this week, students will make up one snow day in both March and April. The remaining four snow days will have to be made up at the end of school year in June. They’re scheduled to be in class through June 5th.

Under Arkansas state law, schools must have 178 days of class.