Johnson County Girl Uses Her Savings To Save Dog’s Life

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A young Johnson County girl gives up her chance to visit Disney to save her puppy's life, all in an effort to put an end to speeding.

Eight-year-old Patience Lemly said she found her dog, Brownie, lying on the road after he was run over by a car.

"I saw him lift his head up on the road and I bursted out crying," she said.

Brownie suffered severe swelling to the brain from being struck by a vehicle. Patience said seeing her dog hurt was heart breaking.

"He's very lucky," she said. "He has a strong head. He's my baby. I don't want to lose him."

Patience said Brownie is not the first dog to be run over in the area she lives.

"I don't want this to happen to another person," she said. "I've had two other dogs that have got hit and died. I don't want it to happen again."

Patience made an appointment with Johnson County Sheriff Jimmy Dorney to talk about speeding issues in her neighborhood. Dorney said he was impressed by the way Patience stood up for what she believed in.

"It just shocked me that she sat across the desk from me and talked to me like an adult," he said. "She stated the facts plain and simple. This is what happened and this is the help she needed."

Patience helped pay for Brownie's vet bill using money she was saving for a Disney trip and college fund, something Dorney said was very touching.

"I am very proud of how mature Patience is," he said. "I hated that she had to go through that with her dog."

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department donated $85 to help Patience cover the cost of the vet bill.

"We were very glad to be able to help her get some of that money back and do that for her," Dorney said. "She's a good girl."

Patience told 5NEWS her dog Brownie is expected to make a full recovery.


  • Bjm

    I hope this helps her. We’ve been trying to get someone to do something about speeders in my neighborhood for years, and nobody will do anything about them. I’m happy for her that her dog is OK.

  • lesha

    shame on both of you,granted there are leash laws in place or other means to keep an animal from being hit by a car,however this is more on the speeding that is going on,and where it is a dog or cat being hit,how long before it could be a child..not a young child but any child..Slow It Down…

  • Rhonda

    If not a leash, a fenced in yard would help. I live in a town that doesn’t allow dogs to run free, it keeps them from being hit and keeps them at home where they belong.

  • Lecil

    While this is tragic for this little girl, how do they know the puppy was hit by a speeder? No one was watching the dog while it attended to it’s business so how do they know? It very easily could have been someone driving very carefully and watching for children, not animals. Say what you want, but the dog should not have been outside of a fenced area unattended. You do realize that, by law, the driver was not culpable if they struck an animal that ran out into the road. If you really love animals, keep them safe!

  • Lecil

    “he got in the road and got hit from someone being careless”

    How do you know this driver was being careless? Did you see the driver being careless? You say the dog was unattended, how could you know? You can’t have it both ways. Animals are unpredictable.

  • Kayla

    Going put my 2 cents in. The Mom of the 8 year old girl works for the Sheriffs office if it wouldve been anyone elses dog they wouldntve got special treatment. Yes its sad but it happens alot in Johnson County and no other child gets a news broadcast. Another reason why we need a new sheriff, we need fairness not favoritism!

  • Larry

    Think this is just a favoritism thing, the Mom of the girl works for the sheriffs office!!! Not sure who to be ashamed of Sheriff Dorney or KFSM! This happens everyday but since the Mommy works at the sheriffs office they get a news interview … Really???!!!???

    • Ryan

      Yes, you are right, we do need a new Sheriff but putting that aside the little girls mommy does not work for the Sheriff.

  • AJ

    While I sympathize with the young child and commend her for choosing her dog’s life over Disney. Why is nothing being said about the child’s irresponsible parents? And her Mom works for the sheriff’s office? Shame on her!!! This is this little girl’s THIRD dog to be struck by a car. Fool me once; shame on you…fool me twice; shame on me…but three times? That’s just plain stupidity. The dog and the little girl are both victims of irresponsible, uncaring, and uneducated pet owners. The parent(s) should be charged with animal neglect and failure to teach their child responsible and legal pet care. I hope the little girl reads this and asks her Mommy why she didn’t appropriately protect her dog from the dangers of the roads.

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