Cold Weather Stalls Flyover Project’s Next Phase

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The Fayetteville Flyover Project is at a standstill until temperatures warm up. However, it's not behind schedule, according to city engineer Chris Brown.

"They really need a full day of temperatures above 50 degrees to pour the concrete and then temperatures above freezing for about a week after that," Brown said.

The contractor took the winter months into consideration when he signed the deal with the city. Crews have until March 1st to lay down the concrete, Brown said.

"Once they get the deck poured, really they got a couple of months worth of work to finish it up and be ready to open it," Brown said.

Brown said a about a quarter of the drivers who hit the Joyce Avenue light are forced to make a u-turn if they want to get onto the Fulbright Expressway. The city expecSt the flyover to ease traffic congestion.

"If we can take 25 percent of those left turns and put them onto the flyover then obviously that's going to help with the intersection of Joyce," Brown said.

Shasta Nichols who works for the University of Arkansas Uptown Campus near the flyover bridge said she can't wait until it's done.

"It's perfect because we have to get on the interstate all the time and we have to do the u-turn, which takes forever and you have to sit through three or four lights," Nichols said. "We are really excited about it."

Once the concrete is set, the bridge will need walls installed for safety, guard rails, paving and striping. Brown said he's looking forward to opening day.

"This is a bridge that we expect to be here for the next 100 years and so waiting an extra month to make sure we get it right is really what we need to do," Brown said.

The 18-month job started in January 2012 and is expected to be complete in July.

The project is expected to cost $7.7 million with 80 percent paid by federal funds and the rest by the city.

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