Former Officer Sues Cave Springs, Says Firing Was Racist

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A former Cave Springs officer is suing the city, saying he was fired because he is black and married to a white woman.

Stanley H. Young filed a lawsuit Jan. 17 in federal court in Fayetteville claiming the Cave Springs Police Department violated his federal rights and discriminated against his race in their decision to fire him last year.

The fired officer seeks to be reinstated to his previous position as corporal, with back pay, compensatory damages and punitive damages, along with other payment requests.

In the suit, Young states he regularly worked overtime each week, but was not paid the regular overtime pay of time-and-a-half. He worked about 50 hours per week and was often called by Police Chief Michael Caudill to do extra work outside of his regular work hours, the lawsuit states.

Young worked at the police department for five years, according to federal paperwork.

Caudill is named as a defendant in the lawsuit, along with the City of Cave Springs.

Cave Springs police said Young was fired last year for falsifying records, but Young said he “believes race was a factor in his termination,” according to the lawsuit.

Young said the chief reacted negatively when the former officer told his boss he was contemplating filing bankruptcy, with Caudill allegedly saying such action would not be acceptable since he still owed money to people in the immediate community.

Young contends that a white officer in the department filed for bankruptcy and was not fired. He also points out the alleged indiscretions an in-department sergeant, who he said reports “to work while under the influence of alcohol,” which Young said the chief knows about.

The sergeant was not fired, despite the allegations, and “creates a substantial danger to the public since the officer’s impairment could influence his judgment on the use of deadly force,” the lawsuit states.

The suit goes on to quote the Arkansas Civil Rights Act outlawing discrimination in matters of employment.

Young filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which found that the agency “is unable to conclude that the information obtained establishes violations of the statutes. This does not certify that the respondent is in compliance with the statutes,” according to documentation from the federal commission.

A court summons was issued Jan. 17 to Caudill and the city. No court date has been set in the case, according to federal court records.


    • arnold fudpucker

      Yup, that is the first thing these characters throw out when they get caught or don’t get their way. They confuse disgust with racism.

  • John

    None of this should cone as any surprise.

    These little town police departments are plagued with corruption and dishonesty.

    These substandard cops lie, intimidate innocent drivers, and profile older cars.

    I am so sick of these little town police forces.

    If I break a law then give me a ticket.

    Don’t pull out and tail gate me at 50mph being only 15 feet behind my car. Don’t pull me over all the time just because I drive an old car.
    Don’t pick on me just because I am out at night due to working the night shift.

    I paid over $24,000 in taxes last year. I believe in hard work and honesty.
    I have never done drugs or alcoholic beverages or cigarettes.

    I am just glad I am not black as these little police departments would have already shot and killed me for lies.

    At least I have a dash camera now and it helps.

    I feel sorry for this poor cop that got fired and I bet you $100 he was fired due to being black.

    All these little town police departments need to be dissolved and reorganized under the County Sheriff’s department and ran with ethical standards and the transparencies of a big department.

    This all just makes me sick.
    Racism, corruption, lies, theft, back stabbing instead of focusing on solving real crime in the little city, or simply just pulling people over if they really break a law.

    I am so sick of the corrupted “men of the law”.

    • Don

      It’s not a matter of small town corruption this time. It’s a former officer who performed substandard on his best day who finally got caught in his many lies and got himself fired and now he wants to play the race card hoping to get some more something for nothing.

    • HL

      john, Isn’t he one of the same “corrupted men of the law” you’re ranting about? You think he’s different because he’s black? You say you bet he was fired for being black. Well, why do you suppose he was hired in the first lace? Maybe because he was black?

  • donallenking

    All you complaints about the things small town cop do, he did. That’s the kinda cop he was while he was there. That is when he was even in town and not hanging out in one of the neighboring towns not doing his job on the taxpayers dime.

  • Jonathan

    Whats with the Deadly Force thing… come on… its Cave Springs just a curve in the road to the airport. Speed trap city. When a town gets over haft your taxes in tickets or the “$100 dollar citation” to keep it off your record “blackmail” your going to fudge your records a little. I wonder if the lawyer that is handling his bankruptcy is also handing the lawsuit. How covenant, fired black cop needs money, sues old job to get it. No need to profile this one.

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