Homes Threatened By Brush Fire In Fort Smith

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Several homes in Fort Smith were threatened after a brush fire sparked near Clayton Court this morning (Monday Jan. 27).
Fort Smith Fire Department said they were able to stop the fire before it spread to the homes.
The call came in around 3:30 a.m.

Battalion Chief Mark Talley said when crews arrived on the scene firefighters say they saw both a car and bush on fire close to several of the homes.
The lawns of about six of those homes burned in the fire.

Crews were able to get both fires under control before having to evacuate any residents.
Authorities say they’re investigating whether the car or bush sparked first.


  • joesumone

    Wow, the very north side of Fort Smith is burning up the news! Murder, arson, property damage. All the makings of mystery novel. It’s hot hot hot!!!

  • Dc

    Whether the bush sparked the fire? What is it, the burning bush? Fort Smith could use a little help from God. It’s about the only way to move out of the depression we are in and get the “leaders” to see their extreme hunger for control over every aspect of our lives has been holding stunting growth.

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