Propane Costs In Cold Temperatures Cause River Valley Headache

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The cold temperatures across the country are causing a shortage in propane, and many people are feeling the pain of the rising costs, including in the River Valley.

Alicia Needham and her family from Clarksville use propane to offset electricity costs.

"Our electrical bill is going to be close to $400, the way it is right now, as cold as it is," Needham said.

The family uses a propane heater almost daily.

"It puts out a lot of heat too," Needham’s mother-in-law Patsy said.

However, with the cost of propane rising, she said it may be best to not rely on it.

"Right now with the prices, it might be cheaper to just use electric," said Needham.

With last year’s bone chilling weather fresh on her mind, keeping her loved ones warm is her main concern.

"Keep us from freezing to death or having to go to a motel," Needham said.

The family has a propane tank that holds about 200 gallons. However, the supply is down to its last quarter-tank.

"You'd be in survival mode trying to figure out how you're going to make it work," Needham said.

The family said they normally pay less than $2 for a gallon, and they are unsure of where their next propane supply will come from.

"Right now, we don't have a lot, and they have a minimum of a 100-gallon purchase," Needham said. "And it’s $4.39 a gallon. You'd be looking at over $500.”

The Needhams said when they find their next batch, they don’t think they will be able to foot the bill.

"I don't have that money just laying around," Needham said.

For now,  the Needham family said they can only hope that warm weather will soon be on its way.


  • John

    Price gouging. This should be illegal to price gouge like this.
    I agree that maybe the family could get on some type of levelized monthly payment system, but at the same time the fuel/energy suppliers should be fined out of business for these back stabbing business tactics.

  • JR

    There more than likely is a shortage. I have family in WI that has had to deal with wind chills near the -50 mark. Some families have even received phone calls asking them to reduce their thermostat to 60 degrees to conserve resources. Its not just a cold snap – its been extremely cold for a long time. It is colder than normal in probably 50% of the country. They are facing the same price increases we are.

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