Man Gang-Jumped Outside Of Fort Smith Mall, Sent To Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Van Buren man was hospitalized Friday night after police say he was attacked by three men who tried to sell him drugs at the Central Mall in Fort Smith.

Police and emergency crews responded to 5111 Rogers Avenue at 8:11 p.m. in reference to a victim who was spitting blood after being beaten up. William Luke Harwood was transported to a nearby hospital, where his father told police he sustained a concussion, according to an incident report released by the Fort Smith Police Department.

The victim’s girlfriend told police he was supposed to meet her at the mall food court. When she got to the food court, Harwood’s face was bloody and he showed signs of injury, she allegedly told police.

She notified mall security of her boyfriend’s condition, after which Harwood told her three black males came up to him as he was getting out of his 2006 red Chevrolet Corvette, according to the incident report. The men asked Harwood if he wanted to buy marijuana. When he replied no, the three men jumped him and he was knocked out, he told his girlfriend.

When Harwood regained consciousness, he was lying on the sidewalk, he told his girlfriend, the incident report states.

Police asked Harwood what happened, and he said he did not remember anything, according to the report. When interviewed again later by two members of Fort Smith police, Harwood again said he could not remember the events of the day, but believed he was knocked out.

The man’s father told police his son had never been in trouble before and had never used drugs, the report states. The father was asked to call police if his son could remember anything.


    • arnold fudpucker

      That’s for sure. sharpton would already be here spouting his filth. jesse would be claiming this is exactly why his convict son should be released from his country club prison term. I know that doesn’t make any sense but neither does jesse, he just wants the exposure.

  • John

    Why did they beat up someone just because he didn’t buy their products?

    Was this an attempted car theft of the Corvette?

    This is craziness and I don’t see the logic in it.

    Why would a street vendor beat up a future potential customer just because he didn’t buy the product at this time?

    People tell me I just don’t know what is really going on in this world, because I work all the time.

    This is all pure craziness and I hope this poor guy makes a full recovery and that these vendors are caught before the beat up, or kill their next customer that maybe doesn’t buy enough.

    So sad.

  • Opinion

    These thugs need to be apprehended and even if they are teens, they need to be held accountable. I sure wish that guy had his gun on him and could have blasted their butts to Kingdom Come.

  • Watcher

    This story does not pass the sniff test. Something is just not right. Maybe there is more info that was not provided. Does the mall have security cameras?

    • Becky

      I work with Luke, he is an honest hardworking guy.He doesn’t even drink alcohol. The fact even the police sergeant says he must have done something to deserve this infuriates me.The mall’s security camera was to out dated to see anything.

  • Glenn

    I carry. Had three white guys jumped me and I defended myself by brandishing my firearm then nothing would have been reported. However, had I brandished my firearm and shot the three black people, the NAACP/Jesse Jackson would be demanding my hanging.

    • arnold fudpucker

      You forgot to include the master racist sharpton. You can find him on the liberal piece of s… media site at msnbc. Warning though you may be the only viewer.

  • Logic is your friend

    Drug dealers don’t randomly approach strangers to sell drugs to in mall parking lots.

    I would bet money there were no “black males” trying to sell weed to this kid. I suspect the real story involves him doing something stupid like mouthing off to the wrong person, feeling ashamed of the truth, and inventing this story to elicit sympathy.

    • Watcher

      I agree. How could he remember to tell his girlfriend the facts but forgets when the police arrive? Sounds like he did not want to file a false police report. Everyone response to concussions differently, I guess. But this sounds like a lie.

    • Cha

      I personally know this young man. He is not a liar and He does NOT do drugs. They got mad because he wouldn’t buy from them. He ended up with a concussion. Get a concussion sometime and see if you could describe the guys that did it to you afterwards. It doesn’t matter what color anyone is, this was horrible! If you don’t know the people, don’t talk smack about them, next time it could be you or your kid that people are badmouthing.

      • Watcher

        I’ve had two concussions. I’ve been unconscious many times due to medical reason and I remember everything before and after. We have one person, John Doe, who says he is the the person and has the video. Now we have another person who says the video is out of date. Not sure what that means. We also have a friend of the young man repeating the story that the victim cannot remember. Hmm?

  • Marshall

    He is just throwing red meat to River Valley racist ignoramus by claiming he was attacked by black men. I can bet to my last breath there was no black man involved. Zilch!

  • John Doe

    Mall security cameras show the 3 men to be black! Also shows how he was jumped! So done you ignorant people haven’t seen this y’all wouldn’t know! So shut the heck up!

  • Jordan

    All it is is a bunch of punk kids who couldn’t fight anyone one on one. They just found someone who was alone and was trying to be tough. Instead of fighting someone alone they attacked this man who was alone. It just shows how big a cowards they are!!!!

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