Love Triangle Leads To River Valley Shooting Investigation

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Fort Smith police arrested an Ozark man Tuesday afternoon after they say he fired shots at his girlfriend’s lover while chasing him in a pickup truck.

Paul Leon Wines, 33, was arrested on suspicion of committing a terroristic act and transported to the Sebastian County Detention Center, where he remained Tuesday night without bond, according to the Fort Smith Police Department.

A woman named Natalie Lopez, 31, told police she and a friend, Anthony Martinez, were at her Fort Smith apartment collecting some of her personal items, when her boyfriend Wines came to the apartments and saw the two. Martinez later told detectives he also was “in a relationship” with Lopez.

Wines rammed Martinez’s white van with his red pickup truck, after which Martinez fled the scene in the van, police said.

Wines chased after Martinez along Zero Street and Massard Road, firing several shots from a handgun toward Martinez’s van, according to Fort Smith police. The vehicles continued into Barling, where Martinez drove to the Barling Police Department and met up with officers. The van was damaged by gunfire, police said.

Officers later found Wines’ red truck broken down north of Barling on Highway 59 and arrested Wines. Police found a .40-caliber handgun, a small amount of suspected marijuana and a pipe in the area near the vehicle, they said.


  • Sarah

    Just because a person has a Spanish last name doesn’t mean that he/she is here illegally. This story is NOT about immigration, but it’s more about how our society is unfortunately declining (drugs and violence). Ignorance is another sign of a declining society. BTW. “we’re not the same as “were.” Cheers!!

  • Ozarkharleyguy

    I tuned in to the morning news on Jan. 29th hoping to hear a follow up to this story but nothing but the same old repeats. Also I saw silly things like news people standing outside as if I didn’t know it was cold outside. One would think something as significant as a gun battle on a busy street like Zero, Massard, and into Barling would be important enough to report on instead of the foolish, trivial rehashed junk you usually turn out. Is this the best you can do? If so, shame.

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