Winter Weather Takes Toll on River Valley Roads

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Several fender-benders were reported in the River Valley today (Feb. 3) after Sunday’s snowstorm.

Road conditions are improving, but Chad Adams with the Arkansas Highway Department said it’s costing them money.

Adams said his crews were out Sunday morning pre-treating roads with sand and salt.

Several inches of snow fell across the River Valley yesterday, making roadways hazardous.

"Knowing that we have three events predicted, we are conserving this as we can, but we also have in the River Valley sand at our disposal and salt," Adams said.

According to Adams, the winter weather has taken a toll on their annual budget.

"If we spend more money on snow and ice, that means less money on asphalt and taking care of distressed areas on the pavement," Adams said.

Drivers like Michael Hollander said there are certain precautions drivers need to take.

"Stay in the car, [and] stay safe. Don't get out or walk around and get ran over. A lot of people get hurt after the wreck,” Hollander said.

With more winter weather expected, Adams said the impact on their budget could, well, snowball.

"Come April or May when we would put asphalt on the road, we are going to do less of it, and that's not good," Adams said.

The Highway Department said their department will evaluate the roads throughout the day and will likely be pre-treating again before the next system moves into the area.