VIDEO: Car Crosses Median, Nearly Collides With Fire Crews

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A car nearly crashed into emergency crews responding to a separate wreck Wednesday in Rogers.

The Rogers Fire Department released video showing crews responding to a wreck with possible injuries on Eighth Street. A car heading in the opposite direction on the street brakes, crosses the median and slides in front of the fire truck before coming to rest on the shoulder.

No one was injured in the crash, according to the Rogers Fire Department. Crews stopped to check on the driver before moving on to their original call, for which there were also no injuries, according to the fire department.

The fire truck's driver, Nick Ardamani, said he did his best to keep the crew safe during the near-collision.

"I tried not to lock the brakes up so that we didn't wind up in the same position as the passenger vehicle did and put us into a skid," Ardamani said. "It's a scary feeling. It's an emotional feeling."

The firefighter said he feels lucky nobody was hurt in the incident.

"It could have been really bad for the city as a whole, for us as a station and fire department," he said. "The vehicles we drive are extremely heavy. They can weigh up to 60,000 pounds. They are hard to stop, and with the road conditions, it can become more difficult to stop these vehicles."

Fire Capt. Dusty Meredith said he had never experienced a situation like that before.

"Extremely scary. Everybody was just glad it didn't happen," Meredith said. "When it was over, it was hard to believe it didn't happen."

Meredith said the close call is a good reminder for drivers to pay attention and drive with caution during winter weather, when the roads may be slick.

"That's one thing people don't understand sometimes, is that you need to move to the right and stop and get out of our way the best you can," he said. "Don't slam on your brakes and end up in front of us like those people did."


  • Rosa

    Good thing nobody was hurt. Its a scary position to be put in. Never know when something like this may happen.. enjoy your loved ones.

  • John

    Please buy studded tire, or at least snow tires.

    Their is a good reason northern state require studded tires, just reasons such as this.

    This Trailblazer would have easily stayed in its lane if it had studded tires.

    The life of your family and others on the road is well worth a set of winter rims and studded tires.

    Thank God they were not killed. If they were hit in the side like that, everyone in the car would have been killed.

  • AGT C

    Slow down people!!I drive slow in this stuff and get passed by people that are looney I guess.If the road is solid ice then dont drive fast.

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