No Leads Discovered in Today’s Search for Missing Pilot

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Aerial view of ground covered during search. (Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Forestry Commission.)

Another day of searching for missing Arkansas Forest Commission Jake Harrell returned no fruitful results, according to a recent news release.

“Though aggressive efforts were undertaken by air and land, no leads were discovered today in the continued search for missing AFC pilot, Jake Harrell,” the release stated.

Five helicopters worked today to cover mountains along Harrell’s flight route between Oden and Wickes. Helicopters were checking and re-checking different areas from various directions to ensure that all slopes and angles were covered.

Ground crews traveled to locations connected to tips provided by local residents of possible plane viewings and/or aircraft sounds from Jan. 31 when Harrell vanished with his plane.

“Every piece of credible information from residents has been investigated, documented, and placed on a map. Maps are also being created in layers to include area covered in flight, routes searched by ground, and locations of possible sightings. Maps can be accessed by television screen so that all layers can be considered at once, by all levels of Incident Command,” the news release stated.

The weather Friday (Feb. 7) continues to include a chance for precipitation and/or snow. Aircraft are promised, as are ground crews.

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