Girl Forced to Drink 2 Liters of Soda Dies; Couple Charged

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Photo courtesy of WGN - Channel 9.

A couple in Tennessee has been charged with their daughter’s murder after a 25-month investigation.

Alexa Linboom, 5, died in January of 2012.

Police say her father and stepmother forced her to drink more than two liters of grape soda and water in less than two hours as punishment for sipping some of her stepmother’s drink.

Doctors say the massive amount of fluids caused her brain to swell and rupture.

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  • Sarah 1

    Please Lord stop the lunacy. Protect our children and animals.

    You know all the people you play Candy Crush with online?

    They aren’t being good parents. It has to start somewhere, so let it be us. (I have never played a video game:)

    • Brandi

      I’m doing online classes for college so I’m on my computer a lot but that doesn’t mean that I’m a horrible mom. I give my daughter the same attention I did before classes start. So you can’t sit there and say that if your on your phone or whatever then your a horrible parent. Obviously you either don’t have kids or don’t have a social life. I’m the only one that takes care of my daughter during the day while my husband works so I’m pretty sure I do a dang good job

  • mark

    I play video games an I have full custody of my son an hes very well taken care of..stop judging people an help change the world instead of bitching .

    • Sarah 1

      If your children are in the room with you and you are focusing on an iPhone and an iPad, laptop, whatever, you are not engaging them with play activity, reading books, laughter, and learning.
      And yes, I am trying very hard to help change the world. I started with myself.

  • brndn

    Don’t blame games we have kids and parents playing games together. (Minecraft) is one. It’s the parents responsibility to pay attention to the kids its not the video games fault. What does a video game have to do is what happened here anyway?

  • Sam

    its amazing to see the shallowness of peoples minds im for making changes and putting family first but to say video games is the root cause is the same retarded people who thinks guns kill people and spoons make you fat really!

  • misty

    While I agree that parents can get too involved in their mobile devices, that has absolutely nothing to do with this case. The parents weren’t so wrapped up in video games that they neglected to see a dangerous situation. They were the direct cause of this horrible incident. Nothing to do with video games or neglect. Your point is moot. This falls in line with the “if I catch you smoking then I’ll make you smoke a whole carton” mentality. That’s something that can’t be fixed just by eliminating candy crush saga. This was a horrible thing to do to a child. My children have taken sips of my drinks many times, and it never occurred to me to make them drink a whole pot of coffee, or a two liter of soda. This breaks my heart.

  • AGT C

    Stick a pressure washer hose up their backside and turn the water on full pressure while tied to a chair of course.If judges would order same punishment to offenders as they do to victim’s people might think twice.

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