Man Pays off Students’ Negative Lunch Account Balances

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Photo courtesy of WGHP.

A man, upset after hearing about a Utah school that trashed lunches for studentswith delinquent lunch account balances, paid off 60 negative lunch account balances at a Houston elementary school this week.

Kenny Thompson, a longtime school tutor, said he felt the need to act after hearing about the incident in Utah, he told KPRC.

“I’m like, ‘Wow. I know that’s probably a situation at my school, and the school my son goes to, and the other schools I mentor at.’  So I came in and inquired about it,” Thompson said.

Thompson learned that many kids at Houston’s Valley Oaks Elementary School were already on a reduced lunch. Many have parents that can’t afford daily meals that cost 40 cents. That’s when Thompson took $465 of his own money and paid off the lunch accounts for 60 children.

“These are elementary school kids,” he said. “They don’t need to be worried about finances. They need to be worried about what grade they got in spelling.”

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  • Ronnie Kontrast

    For such a great story about a great man you sure picked a great photo to promo this with. Terrible yet again, and we live in a day and age in a city with so much talent this small market nonsense isn’t cutting it anymore.
    Get it together, rethink the person in charge of your social media and for crying out loud recruit one of the numerous photographers and cinematographers struggling in this horrendous city. You’d be served well. It’s 2014, this 1978 form of story coverage is terrible.

  • Rogers Mom

    What happened to pbj lunches if negative? We know of children that are refused lunch at Elmwood Middle School in Rogers too. Very sad.

    • happyme

      I know! The “no child left behind” should include “no child goes hungry” with choice of pb&j or ham&cheese donated by area businesses. Ya know?

      • Carla

        Its sad these people would deny a child to eat lunch regardless if they can pay.Hell we pay for that kinda stuff when we payour tax on everything.Thats bout right tho we feed & take care of the kids in overseas while our children are denied lunch here.That is soooo sad

  • Sarah 1

    Thank you from my heart for your generous deed Mr. Kenny Thompson. Your name and good deed will not be forgotten.

    As for the Farm Bill passed that cuts ninety dollars a month from a family of four’s Food Stamp Benefit, tell me how these children are going to be fed. THIS IS AMERICA, no child should ever be hungry.

  • Cathy

    Mr. Thompson, may you never know a day of need for yourself or your family! You are a true angel of God, and I’m sure He will bless you mightily!

  • mrbellweather

    I thought children(families) who couldn’t afford the meals got Free Lunches? If that’s the case the parents should have been paying for these lunches. Just a thought.

  • danny

    The school systems waste so much of our tax dollars on luxories for administration and staff, but charge U.S. extra for everything they touch. It is amazing how we as a nation travel further down the road toward slavery all the while paying for the chains that bind U.S.

    Take all the money they receive from admissions to sporting events and feed the kids.

    Where have our hearts gone that we think luxury accomodations for staff are more important than feeding our children?

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