Missing Rogers Teenager Brittany Lacy Found

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Brittany Lacy (Family Photo)

Rogers teenager Brittany Lacy, who had been missing since Feb. 1, has been found, according to a Facebook post from the Rogers Police Department on Saturday (Feb. 8).

The Facebook entry posted about 9 a.m. did not contain any details about where or how 17-year-old Lacy was found. There was no other immediate information about her condition.

The entire Facebook post reads: “Brittany Lacy has been found. Thanks to all of you who passed this post on. There were just short of 62,000 people who read the post.”

Lacy’s mother, Jamie Booher, previously told 5NEWS her daughter was last seen wearing pink pajamas and a T-shirt. She had a blue blanket and black backpack with her before her disappearance, according to her mother.

Investigators said Lacy had left a note for her mother on the night of Feb. 1, stating she was going to go sit by the lake.

“We are all just worried sick about her and just want to know if she’s safe,” Booher told 5NEWS when the teen was still missing. “All of our family and friends are searching and putting the word out and doing everything we can to find her. This is not easy, and we are all taking it very hard. We just want a call or anything to let us know she is safe.”


  • Jenn

    Clearly she took off or there would have been something mentioned about arresting or looking for an adult that she was with. I am glad she is safe but I would ground her until she was 18 for pulling such a stunt! Mom needs to hire an adult to babysit her or make her stay with a relative while she is at work so this girl is supervised at all times. Any number of sickos could have gotten to her before police found her.

  • jamie booher

    So first of all she was not with anyone. Because she is a minor their were things not shared with the media. She left me a suicide and her boyfriend talked her out of it. Who yes was arrested. She was afraid I would yell at her and didn’t come bk the next day. She was alone in an abandoned house and decided to come home. Until she got on here to the 5news comments from the last post and read what was wrote about her. It is people like you that write stuff about people you know nothing about and be judgemental for pleasure I guess. So thanks to this website for not removing the bad comments and even allowing it my daughter sat in the cold alone all wk. For your info she is getting the help she needs now from an outside source. What I am writing is facts. So all of you who think its funny to write stuff like this I hope you grow up and karma doesn’t make this happen to you. If it does you deserve it

  • Lynn

    It made me glad to see that your daughter was home safely, she is just a year older than mine. Please know that some of us were praying for her safe return and strength for your family.

  • Don't believe what you read

    Yep..sounds like she has many issues alright, just like we all thought. Must be hell living at home to go live in an abandoned house in the freezing temps we’ve had the last week. Hope she can function as normal person again someday. Do you have anymore kids?? Never mind.

  • jamie booher

    Yes I do want say that the ones of you that wrote nice things and were concerned I very much appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for all the prayers and for being helpful. I wrote the truth of the situation so the ones of you who want to know what really happen could. Obviously again don’t believe what you read you were not listening. You have no clue about our home situation or why she has issues. If you weren’t assuming I may have let other things be known to but its pointless when there are arrogant p.o.s like you that think you know it all when you don’t know s#$@

  • another dollar in the cuss jar

    Remember JB, name calling and cussing you lose any credibility you had. Don’t go down that road. You seemed like you had it together? Sadly not it would seem.

    Good luck to you and family.

  • Maranda Martin

    I’m glad she got home safely and I hope she’s in a good spot then before sry about what happened lets just hope it doesn’t happen again :)

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