Heritage Wrestler Aiming for State Title

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Ramsey Gonzalez joined the Rogers Heritage wrestling team as a sophomore and had a record of 2-27.

Now as a senior, he holds a record of 42-10 and looks to be crowned the state champion for the 170 pound division.

"Wrestling is a lifestyle, it's not just we're gonna come out and play for awhile and wrestle and then go home and do your thing," said Rogers Heritage assistant wrestling coach Jason Hall.  "These guys have a weight class that they have to maintain and if they are over point one they can't wrestle.  They have to maintain their nutrition, they have to maintain their weight."

Ramsey Gonzalez has made wrestling his life.  After a lack luster sophomore year he decided to get serious.

"I went to nationals up in North Dakota in Fargo,"  said senior Ramsey Gonzalez.  "I worked with Pat Smith.  Pat Smith is a four time NCAA champion and he helped the Arkansas team.  Just in the summer, just working and working and drilling all the time."

Smith is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame but he's not the only person who pushed Gonzalez.

"I went up to coach sophomore year and was like 'Coach I want to join wrestling' and he asked why do I want to join and I said 'Coach I want to feel like a winner. I want to be something,'"  said Gonzalez.  "It's just something that kept me going."

Gonzalez went from losing almost all of his matches to being a favorite to win state, but it's not only about the hardware.

 "The feeling of winning is amazing, the referee raising your hand," said Gonzalez.  "It makes me feel good about myself.  I think everybody should have that type of feeling in something."
The state meet is this Friday and Saturday in Little Rock.