Police Seek Walmart Theft Suspects

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Photo courtesy of the Van Buren Police Department.

On Sunday (Feb. 9) at approximately 4 am, a man and woman both went into the Walmart Supercenter in Van Buren and stole more than $800.00 worth of merchandise, according to Detective Jonathan Wear, public information officer for the Van Buren Police Department.

The suspects (pictured to the right) entered the store, went to the electronics department, and selected a few items including: Beats headphones, a laptop computer, a cell phone, and clothing.

The couple concealed the items before leaving and made no attempt to pay.

Anyone with information on this theft is encouraged to contact the VAn Buren Police Department at 479-474-1234 or the River Valley Crimestoppers at 78-Crime.


  • cmc080704

    I wish I did know who it was, I’m getting sick and tired of paying for other people getting to live better than I do off of MY taxes! (Welfare, HUD, Lifeline phones, food stamps, people stealing merchandise from stores, etc.)

  • Amy

    Who said they were on supplement nutrition assistance? Also I’m guessing you don’t use public schools, hospitals and have to retirement plans since you hate paying for “others” right?

  • jack

    Lol. She is probably living off medicaid and fake disability. Typical White republican. They mooch off the system Democrats created to help people and then she turns around and votes republican while claiming that she pays her own way and that she is tired of all the welfare bums. I know so so many white welfare mooching fake disability drawing Republicans that let on like they are being oppressed by Obama and big government liberals.

    • Brandon

      Leave it to a liberal democrat to say this. republicans want ONE thing above all – PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION”!!! That is the document that lets you say things like this, keeps the government from invading your privacy, allows you to vote for your leaders. If you hate what Republicans stand for that much, then you hate the Constitution and need to leave this country for one with a dictator or a Monarchy. There is your ‘Big Government, no rights, and they can tax you for whatever they want – for however much you want’.

  • Corey

    Amy.. I really don’t know what to say about your comment. I think your response sums up everything that’s wrong with this country.

    Typical Obama voter.

  • Tired

    Everyone is taking an opprotunity to snap at each other and get on their soap box and express their views doesn’t matter if they are on supplement help, color of skin, if they are supporting a drug habit, who they voted for or if they are bored etc. point is they are stealing probably not because they are hungry(didn’t take food) the post is to catch them, hope they are caught, and if they are hope something is done to make them work to pay it back.

  • Mc Gruff the Crime Dog

    Wow. That was quick. Drew, call VB police and see if there’s a crime stoppers reward. If so, then you’ll help fight crime and get paid.

    I can only hope that others see this and that everyone realizes that crime doesn’t pay.

  • danny

    Crime does pay. Look at wealthy all are gov officials are. Their minions have never ending jobs and benefits while the rest of U.S. suffer under the weight of an out of control government.

    These two need to stop stealing since the gov hates competition.

    Good day.

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