Rogers Man Arrested In 4 Year Old’s Sexual Assault

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A Rogers man is behind bars after police say he sexually assaulted a young girl.

Jose Hernandez-Ortiz, 42, was arrested Monday on suspicion of second-degree sexual assault. He remained Tuesday in the Benton County Jail awaiting a bond hearing, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

The Rogers Police Department began investigating Hernandez-Ortiz Dec. 30 following allegations he had inappropriate physical and sexual contact with a four-year-old girl. Detectives arrested Hernandez-Ortiz following the investigation, police said.


  • John

    I know nothing of the specifics of this particular case, but many times these types of arrest are based completely on lies.

    Typically the wife, or maybe the teenagers in the house will “coach” the 5 year old into saying she was touched, or worse.

    Many many many times once the family makes up, or the 5 year old gets like 12, she will then tell the truth.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    Any one can call and give a claim of abuse, teachers, neighbors, disgruntled employees, etc. and the cops will “create” the case if they think that the abuse could of possibly happened and any one who has been alone, at anytime with a child, which is all of us, could have “possibly” abused the child.

    I have never been accused of this, but I have seen it happen to friends and coworkers in the midst a nasty divorce.

    If I was on the Jury, they’d have to have real proof and I wouldn’t “go along” with other Jury members and just say “guilty”, so that we can leave for lunch and get home and watch our TV shows while sending an innocent man away for 20 years for something that didn’t even happen.

    I read a research paper on this subject and they found that as much as 70% of these types of convictions are based totally on lies and corrupted investigations based on a “coaching”of the child by a child “expert that put words in the child’s mouth.

    I think if someone really molested a child that they should be beat half to death and “fixed”, but only if he did it.

    • Jenn

      You are right that we shouldn’t assume guilt. BUT! They can only open an investigation and question the suspect based on an accusation alone. In order to make the arrest there has to be corroborating evidence that the crime may have taken place. It depends on the age of the supposed victim, some sort of medical evidence, a witness that walked in on it or came across tangible evidence ie child porn soiled clothing, overheard the accused admitting or talking about what they did etc… If there is no corroborating evidence that it took place an arrest cannot be made. If they had just brought him in for questioning and he refused to speak at all without a lawyer they would have to release him. This guy was sought out for an arrest so considering the law I am glad he is off the streets until he bonds out or goes to trial.

  • Jessica

    His legal status has NOTHING to do about this!! I recently looked at this list in the area I lived and what do you know most of the offenders were WHITE. So the fact that you would say that just shows you are racist. A child has been wounded and all you care about is legal status. Makes me sick.

    • arnold fudpucker

      No Jessica, no racism involved here except for you. Questioning legal status is perfectly legit. We are not supposed to be mexico’s welfare system nor jail. If the scumbag is here illegally then you can argue this never wold have happened.

  • Jessica

    I am not racist I am white I just don’t judge a persons legal status just because he looks brown. Sorry I guess I am just wired wrong. Just makes me sad. I am just saying some people are so quick to judge people based on their race when our own race has it’s good and bad. I feel like all races have good qualities and bad ones. I don’t why I even commented to be honest.

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