5NEWS Fit: Jay gets a Fitness Assessment

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Over the next few weeks, 5NEWS Morning Anchor Jay Plyburn will be meeting with a physique specialist and former body builder to learn some simple workouts that just about anybody can do.

“I’ve been interested in fitness since I was 12 years old,” physique specialist Brandon Morrison said.

For Morrison, working out is much more than a hobby.

“I went to the University of Oklahoma for three semesters and found my passion for personal training, and that's kind of where it got kicked off - with Gold's Gym in Oklahoma City,” he said.

Morrison is a trained specialist in the fitness industry, and for the time being he’s training Jay.

A body composition was done on the first day.

This included a pushing, pulling and overhead squat assessment to check for muscular imbalances.

First, he took body fat measurements, which will be used to create a personalized workout plan.

Then, the fitness assessment began.

Through all of it, Morrison was watching different parts of Jay's body to see which muscles need the most work.

Morrison said everyone should go through a fitness assessment like this if they’re serious about improving their health.

“For the beginners out there, the number thing I'd recommend is getting with not necessarily a personal trainer, but someone who has been involved with working out for some time; somebody who knows the ins and outs just to help that new beginner avoid injury,” he said.

Morrison suggested checking with a doctor before working out.

He also said beginners should take their time when lifting weights.