Little Flock Officers Look For Police Impersonator

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Little Flock police are investigating the case of a person allegedly impersonating a local police officer.

The police department released a statement Wednesday saying they are looking for someone wearing dark clothing, who may have pretended to be an officer.

Police Chief Martinez said they the victim’s father called police to report his daughter had been stopped by man driving a police-type blue car on Woods Lane and Highway 102.

“Our officers are doing extra patrols in the area trying to identify the vehicle that was potentially used in the situation to see if it’s around, local, are they driving back or anything like that,” said Martinez.

According to the report, he claimed to be a Little Flock Police officer, gave her a warning for speeding and told her if he stopped her again she would have to do something for him.

Martinez said if someone is unsure they are being stopped by a real police officer, to call 911.

“If you get pulled over by an unmarked car, you’re going to see a fully uniformed officer get out of that vehicle, he’s going to identify himself, you’re going to see a badge, a name tag, something that tells you that they are legitimate officer,” Martinez said.

The Little Flock Police Deparment has six marked police cars. It has two unmarked, one is white Dodge and the other is a gold Tahoe driven by Chief Martinez.