Franklin County Quorum Court Seeks Solution To Overcrowded Jails

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A special meeting was called Thursday evening (Feb. 13) to discuss a joint detention center between Logan County and Franklin County. Both counties are in need of a new facility.

"We had an inspection where we were written up for being chronically overcrowded, and also for our cell design lack of space and a couple of other issues," said Logan County Deputy David Spicer.

After receiving the citation, the quorum court decided a bi- county jail could help solve the problem and Franklin County could be the best fit.

"It's just something that they contacted me and asked my thoughts on it; and you know we're in need of a jail, they're in need of one, and I know it's tough to do financially and we thought it would be worth looking into anyway," Franklin County Sheriff Anthony Boen said.

At the meeting Thursday, Franklin County Quorum Court agreed to form a bi-county jail committee. Sheriff Boen said the committees will consist of the sheriff from each county and five quorum members.

A tax would have to be passed to fund the construction and operation of the jail. At this point the amount of that tax has not been discussed.


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