Razorbacks Hockey Taking Off

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There's a sport on the hill that may not be known to many but that's slowly changing.

After all, they're the most recent SEC Champion.

Despite what a majority of fans ask, Arkansas does have a hockey team.

“Once they come out to a game they want to keep coming back,” said captain Martin Sundstedt. “They get really loud in here, even if they don’t know all the rules, they get riled up because we are the Hogs.”

“It started maybe one hundred fans in the stands,” said captain Just McDowell. “Now we are up to five or six hundred at least.”

Now it's standing room only at the Jones Center in Springdale for home games.

Arkansas Hockey is still just a club sport. That means there are no scholarships. No funding from the university. They even have to pay to play.

Hockey in the high school ranks is extremely rare in Arkansas but a pipeline to Texas has been made.

“Coming to Arkansas, it was college first,” said McDowell. “When I found out they had a hockey team I was able to keep playing.”

The SEC was created in 2007 in hockey and Arkansas has dominated. The Razorbacks have won four of the six conference championships, including this season.

Arkansas is a division III club team right now but Sundstedt said the goal is succeed and advance.

“Right now our ultimate goal is to win a national championship at this level,” said Sundstedt. “We want to perfect this level consistently, and then try to move up from there.”

Arkansas continues their quest for a national championship on March 11 in Coral Gables, Fla.


  • Elamax

    They are not “SEC” champions. The correct description is South Eastern (two words) Collegiate Hockey Conference or SECHC, not the Southeastern (one work) Conference or SEC. You should have made that clear to your readers.

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