Bentonville Native Keeps It Local At The National Weather Service

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Spring usually serves as a reminder of the dangerous weather that can happen in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley, as the weather radio comes to life with a piercing alert, then a scrolling message appears at the top of your television announcing the latest severe weather warning.

For many in this area, this is the extent of what people know about the National Weather Service. Behind the warnings, a group of dedicated meteorologists work around the clock to track and warn the public of of dangerous weather.

Michael Lacy, lead forecaster with the National Weather Service in Tulsa, also brings a local face to the National Weather Service. Lacy, a Bentonville native, is happy to be close to home, forecasting the weather for his hometown.

“I couldn’t be happier to tell you the truth,” Lacy said, “I have a passion for this and I feel like I’m in the best position where I can use my knowledge to warn the public of impending weather.”

The knowledge of local patterns and geography prove invaluable to Lacy, especially with the challenges posed by forecasting the weather in Arkansas and Oklahoma.