Greenwood Teacher Resigns Amid Investigation

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Greenwood Schools Superintendent John Ciesla tells 5NEWS that junior high teacher Gilberto Huerta has resigned amid a police investigation.

Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson said a police report was filed Wednesday (Feb. 19), but did not say if a complaint was filed by the school district or a parent. Dawson said he could not release details about the complaint because it is still under investigation.

He said the school is cooperating with investigators.

“Measures are prompt and done with student safety in mind when incidents occur on their campus,” said Dawson.

"Due to the fact that this is a personnel matter and there is an open investigation with Greenwood Police Department the district can make no further comment at this time," Ciesla said in a statement.

Huerta was a junior high Spanish teacher for the school for the past four years, according to school officials.


  • Former Student

    There have been SO many false accusations for Sr. Huerta! He doesn’t deserve this and as a former student, I can personally say that he is happily married with a wife and a son. He is a great Spanish teacher and a great man! Praying for you, Senor! If nothing else, you’re in my families prayers!

    • JJ former student also

      I think it’s sad to see him leave but it would probably be best if he did so that people would stop being so rude.I had his Class last year and yeah I thought he was strange but he was just trying to make the students laugh some just took it the wrong way.

  • also a former student

    There has been many false statements but. the guy is by far a creep. I’m so glad that no other students have to deal with him. He’s always had something to say about sexual things. Glad he’s finally gone.

  • Sonia, a former student

    I don’t believe this, not for a second. Sr. Huerta is a great man. He was one of my favorite teachers in high school and he made learning fun. He celebrated his students birthdays with song. He never left anyone out. Sr. Huerta was an amazing teacher and, personally, I could never believe any foul accusation made against him. As his former student, I am firmly on his side.

  • CF

    Yeah…my comment disappeared also, it happens A LOT on here. Almost not worth your time because if 5 news doesn’t agree with your opinion they just delete it…. Lib’s

    • Anonymous

      It’s not 5 News that does it. Someone probably reported your comment for something you said that they didn’t like and that was why it was removed. I apologize if your comment I am commenting to you on deletes. I accidentally clicked on report because I saw Rep and that I saw Reply.

  • Anonymous

    He taught for 4 years, not 2. Also, no one ever said it was a complaint about anything indecent toward a child. How do we know that it wasn’t a domestic thing? Or something totally different? I will say, it seems awfully fishy that he resigned when he is completely innocent of any wrong-doing. Not judging, just saying it seems premature to resign if you didn’t do anything to begin with. Obviously, I have not heard his side, nor anyone else’s side of the story. Just speaking from experience.

  • Shalyn Avita-Shore, 2011-2012 Student

    I was a student of his from 2011-2012. He was an amazing teacher, but lots of girls would make up lies about him. One day in class everyone was planning to make up a lie to get him fired. He doesn’t deserve this. He’s a great man. Lots of people that didn’t like him didn’t do their work, or were disrespectfull to him. Whenever he saw anyone being bullied he would help them, I being one of those students. When he saw someone having a bad day he pulled them aside to ask them whats wrong. It’s just a rumor and attention cry every single year from girls. I would’ve resigned too.

    • Student at GHS

      I completely agree he was very nice! People didn’t like him because he was the only Spanish teacher that made people do work!!! And people thought it was going to be a blow off class so they got mad.

    • RC

      kids in today’s society will do anything to get a teacher fired, because kids don’t like rules, or they will try to get their parents in trouble calling abuse, , so, it isn’t fair to ruin someones career, because of a snot nose punk trying to make themselves feel better. I see it all the time, He seems like a great teacher, may God Bless him, to teach some where else that will appreciate his skills. and YES, I agree with you, when girls will make up a lie to get a male teacher in trouble, why not make the student(s) take a lie detector test, and make the parents pay for it, if it is proven the student lied, and then suspend the student to a school for troubled youth, wake up America, people are more full of telling lies than telling the truth.

  • Shalyn Avita-Shore, 2011-2012 Student

    Just something to add, he would mention his wife a lot in positive ways. How they went out to dinner, or saw a movie, or he took he shopping. I don’t really think parents that don’t know him should be making comment. Especially before knowing how their student behaved in his class. He’s one of the only teachers I have ever had that has actually had control of the classroom to make it a learning environment instead of a circus where no one could concentrate. He actually paid attention to who was doing assignments and who wasn’t. A lot of people that didn’t want to do their work were rude to him.

  • Unkown

    I have worked with Mr. Huerta at First Baptist Church of Greenwood and he has taken care of children from age 1 month to 6 years of age and he is very good with them. I am under the age of 18 and he has never once tried to sexually touched me at all. He is a very nice man, no not sexually just nice which a 8th and 9th grader can over exaggerate. You just ruined this nice mans life.

    • 8thGradeGirl

      Ok first off I am an 8th grader. I’ve never talked to him personally or anything, but I have seen him around in the halls hanging up students projects outside. He seems really nice, and he’s always smiling. I’m not in 9th grade yet, so I’ve never been to his class before, but might I say that I don’t believe someone could make up something like that out of spite. That’s just wrong, and if they did I hope someone finds out soon. Maybe the low-life that did accuse him of false accusations feels better now? Rumors spread like wildfire there. I just want my school, that I love, to get back on track.

  • Student at GHS

    I have family at the GJH and they told me what that person accused was exaggerated and was a lie. It wasn’t as bad as the person made it. Honestly all these parents are saying things about it but you know how junior high kids are, they do a lot of things for attention. I did it when I was in Junior High. I think the kids have a say in this not parents who don’t really know him.

  • Formet Student

    The impression many are giving off in the comment section is that his students have been forming a conspiracy against Mr. Huerta and peddling pedophilia-type mythology all because of his “harsh & strict teaching” (which consisted of irresponsibly leaving the classroom for prolonged periods of time during test; enough said) is just a desperate attempt to justify and allow this type of behavior to continue onwards. As a former student and male, I have no personal vendetta against him, but I do have a problem with a teacher that behaves in an erratic manner that in which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for anyone to observe. Whether that is generalizing & stereotyping particular ethnic groups (even his own) – whether it was ‘joking’ or not doesn’t make it less offensive, or consistently bringing up sexual matters whenever it is not even being discussed in the first place, there’s nothing acceptable about it. Mr. Huerta has a repeated pattern of this type of odd & suggestive behavior and this is righteous indignation. There’s a certain morally-interjected & universally accepted line that has been drawn and shall not be crossed, and that is kids being put into an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation – especially with an elder or perceived symbol of authority. And to those that say “these kids have ruined this man’s life”, hmmmm.. is a predator that violates a young child not damaging his/her emotionally for years to come? Any respected psychologist will tell you this has draconian effects on any child. Whether it’s an inappropriate discussing, or ‘nibbling’ on a young girls ear, I’m disgusted and so are that young girl’s parents, and yes, you should be too, apologist. – Former student

  • Hayden

    I was his student his first and only year teaching at the high school as a spanish 4 teacher and for the two months I was still enrolled at greenwood before getting kicked out because of him, he did nothing but belittle me and talk bad about me in both english and spanish because I couldn’t speak spanish fluently and I was in an upper level class. He would say the most rude things and showed a major favor toward girls that dressed innapropriately. He was perverted at all times and would spend majority of the class hour not teaching but telling the girls how pretry they were and how beautifully he would speak his language. I actually got kicked out of school for yelling back at him when he started yelling at me for having my head down before class, while everyone else also had their head down. Terrible, terrible teacher and for the standard that greenwood has I’m glad to see hes gone

    • unknown

      wow you are really rude. just because you misbehave in his class you are glad to see him gone? I mean really have some respect he is a really nice guy and you are just rude.

  • Former student

    The town of Greenwood is 96.13% the same race, and Mr. Huerta doesn’t have the advantage of being part of that majority. I encourage all former students and friends of Mr. Huerta to stand up for this poor man who has to deal with such an obnoxious amount of bullying because people are so quick to deem anyone who is marginally different as untrustworthy. Every little thing he says or does gets twisted into some sick, over exaggerated lie and passed around as a rumor more fervently than rumors about any other teacher in the school district. I know it doesn’t erase all the senseless hate, but I sympathize for you, Mr. Huerta. Thanks for making Spanish in college a BREEZE for me.

  • Former student

    Yes, Mr. Huerta would tell girls that they looked pretty, but he was also tell guys that they were handsome at the same time. He was just being nice, he would tell me I looked pretty and I know he didn’t mean it in another way. He would go around saying “Que bonita, so and so” or “Que guapo, so and so” It was never in an inappropriate way, he never did that. He was very nice and his class was fun. The kids who would say Mr. Huerta was mean to them were the ones who would disrespect him all the time. I have seen how kids would exaggerate about him. He would pat a guy on the back but if it were a girl he patted on the back they would go around making a big deal out of it. I could not see him biting someone’s ear. I have heard that really he only blew on her ear which is a lot more believable to me. He was always being silly and trying to be funny like that. He wouldn’t have meant it in a “sexual” way. I would always feel so bad for him when people would twist up what really happened, such as now. I am really sorry Mr. Huerta, you don’t deserve this. You filled my days with so much laughter. I would not have traded being in your class for anything. You made learning fun.

  • Former Student

    In my opinion, if you haven’t had him as a teacher, you shouldn’t speak about what he did or didn’t do. I don’t care if someone has told you personally, or if you heard it from a source. If you did not experience his teaching habits first hand, you have no room to talk.
    I had him as my Spanish 1 teacher the first year he taught at Greenwood, at the high school. He is a very nice man, with a wife and TWO sons, and tries very hard to make his students laugh. However, he picked on or favored some of the same students repeatedly throughout the year, which caused his teaching habits and personality to become questionable. I do not wish to reveal too much about the situation, but all I am saying is that some of these comments and thoughts about the circumstance have taken it too far. Especially on Facebook. With this, I am not defending him nor trying to offend him like most people. My purpose is to simply state that you should think before you speak, especially if you nothing of him or the situation.

  • Ashlynn former student

    I am a former student of señor Huerta and I don’t believe this rumor at all because he is such a grey teacher. For one thing I do know is that he did get under the tables to show us an example of the Spanish word meaning underneath, but he asked persmiasion first. But he also got inside of his closet, on too of a chair and so on. Personally I don’t think he bit a girls ear or lip in his classroom. Because if he did somebody would have done something abou this long ago. She wouldn’t have just sat there and let it happen she would have got up and left, or atleast somebody in the classroom at her table would have. Señor Huerta has always been afrain that he was going to say something wrong and he always apologized for anything that he thought could have been assulting to some students. There was even a time that he cried because he mis pronounced a word. I’m definitely on Señor Huertas side for this because it just a girl that isn’t doing so good in his class trying to start drama. personally I would have left the school also.

  • Former student

    Honestly, Señor Huerta is a great teacher. But why would he bit someone ear or crawl under their desk. I guarantee that everyone had there phone out. Yet no one video tape what happen as proof of this incident? Whoever supposedly had their ear bitten needs to take a lie detecter test.

  • Former Student

    How do I put this politely the people with the negative comments are just rude&need to get a life. I took Spanish 2 when I was a high school student there when he taught Spanish4. My Spanish teacher&him would help each other out a lot&he would help me out alot whenever I needed help with Spanish. I looked up to him. I also have friends that are former Spanish4students of his who spoke nothing but gratitude for him. Yes I was told his class wasn’t that easy but that’s not surprising since it is Spanish 4. I requested to have him for my last year of Spanish due to the fact that he was one of the best Spanish teachers at Greenwood High School but his Spanish4classes got too full before I could register for his class. I think very highly of Senor Huerta, good luck to you fighting this life challenge. You will be in my prayers, you can pull through this nonsense I know you can. Si Se Vele(Yes You Can).<3

  • Shalyn Avita-Shore, 2011-2012 Student

    If I was a male I personally wouldn’t want to teach in today’s society. He’s a young, mexican male working at a school full of white attention seeking teenagers. All of us are aseeking at our age in someway. But this is too far. If the girl had her ear bitten there would’ve been statuses all over about it when it happened in class. It’s the digital age people. I’m getting tired of stuff about Mr.Huerta’s facial appearence also. “Oh he has creepy eyes!”, umm he doesn’t look creepy? Mexican men usually have wider eyes. I don’t know if you have ever seen one, but that’s what they generally look like. I’m half for anyone who wants to try and throw something at me. All the kids that have posted negative things about him are (no offense) known as the people that are really disruptive in class. That’s just how it is. A parent thats in the class even said that their kid told them the girl was “lieing” and “overexaggerating the situation”. That should be the end of all the rude comments after someone that was in the situation with a set of eyes saw what happened. Hope Mr.Huerta remains to stand strong with some pride after all these hatefull people have made fun of his teaching, and appearence. Good luck, señor.

  • CBF

    The innocent don’t run away. Obviously he did some thing bad to just drop out of his teaching career. No one knows what is in another mans heart?

    Just a few days ago a little girl was kidnapped and killed and the guy that did it was an employee of a school.

    Hopefully soon we will get the FULL story on what really happened?

  • Brenda

    One thing I learned when my children were in grade school is that when they complained about a teacher they were always leaving something out of the story. I tried to teach them how to handle the situation by themselves. Never, ever belittle the teacher. When I intervened it only made things worse for my child. I learned to wait until my child asked me to intervene. When I was a child, students never treated teachers the way they do now. So many children have so little respect for adults. It’s time parents start raising their children to respect others. Children need to stop bullying teachers. Greenwood lost a wonderful man and teacher over this. Mr. Huerta you are still needed in our schools. Please don’t give up. Go where you will be appreciated for you God given talent.

  • Christopher

    so if u wear a skirt its ur fault u get raped? or if ur pretty its ur fault u get ur ear nibbled? lol come on…u stand and fight lies, u run from the truth

  • Parent

    Stop attempting to play the typical reactionary race-card. Mr. Huerta is a Conservative Christian.. He fits in just well with the majority of Greenwoood. This is a false presumption.

  • Jennifer

    Gilbert and his family are wonderful people. Very sad to hear of these tragic accusations. I am positive he has not done anything wrong.

  • Anonymous

    People make it a race issue when they say stuff like “Go back to Mexico!” and “his face is so creepy!”. Most the people that actually know this man seem to know he isn’t a threat to anyone. These hatefull parents honestly scare me to think their child can do no wrong as to jump on the bandwagon harrassing an innocent man. All the kids that talk about about him are the ones that kiss up to him when they see him. Sad isn’t it?

  • Shalyn Avita-Shore

    It’s been turned into a race, and attention seeking issue. So if you were being accused of horrible things would you want to stay and just be more and more disrespected? Or start out new with something else and be happy? After gaining a reputation with this I would want to leave! The man’s life is ruined. NEWS FLASH: People that were in the class are even saying the whole thing was a lie. It’s done. What more do you want? He already resigned… Does he need to be punished for what he didn’t do just so parents that don’t know him at all will be satisfied? He’s done teaching. It almost seems like some of you wanted it to be true so you could have something to talk about.

  • Lacy

    I agree with Shalyn. People keep saying he wouldn’t run if he was innocent. If I was being accused of something and picked on for it, whether it not it was true I would get out of that situation too. It’d be hard to prove whether it’s true or a student is lying, so no matter what people would be suspicious of him if he stayed. It would take a long time for the rumors to pass. I would get out of there too.

  • media lies

    On the 5news app the headline reads:Warrant: Local Teacher Bit Gilrs Ear, Said, “I’m Going To Eat You”

    Realy? They are putting this out as if it is fact. What’s wrong with the media? We should be very concerned about the quality and character of reporters the same way we would about teachers. What’s their ajenda? This story sounds almost made up.

  • media lies

    Channel 5 news is reckless in their reporting. If I were this teacher I would sue the Aubrey and channel 5 for slander.

  • Shawn

    I don’t know whether or not if these recent rumors being spread are true, but I do remember my experiences with Mr. Huerta very vividly. I was in his Spanish 4 class three years ago but to this day I still remember the actions that took place in his class. He should have never been dealt with having to teach Spanish at the highest level in high school, as he had only had experience in teaching Spanish 1 for only a YEAR!! The very first day of class he gave us “assigned” seats, but it just so happened he placed the most attractive girls right next to his desk as if it were some random arrangement. From then on he would only ever ask one of those four to run errands for him. He even singled one of the those girls out and made her stand up in front of the entire class and would use her as a demonstration and call her his “wife” on SEVERAL different occasions and he would also make her hold his hand to demonstrate the word “wife” in Spanish. So all you parents go ahead and tell you me you’re comfortable with a TEACHER holding your daughter’s hand and “pretending” she is his husband for an entire year. He was also notorious for singling out people in the class for doing something he didn’t agree with when many other students were doing the same thing at the same time. I understand how some of you are quick to stand up for someone who appears to be a good person in the community, but the reality is his unorthodox and sexist (meaning he showed favoritism to girls) ways of teaching never met the high standards Greenwood expects. it’s sad that it took this long for something to be done about him because when I was still in school a student got suspended and never returned to Greenwood because of his unethical teaching. And just an fyi everything I just stated had nothing to do with racism so no there’s no excuse for his teaching mehtods

    • Carlos

      Can confirm. Was there. All of this is very accurate. I, in fact, got singled out several times myself. Jokes of “sin ropa” and “con lengua” were made when learning some phrasings.

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