Waiver Allows Fayetteville Students To Be In School On Memorial Day

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The State Department of Education approved a waiver to allow the Fayetteville School District to hold classes on Memorial Day.

If there aren't any more snow days this school year, Fayetteville students will be in class until Friday June 6.

Alan Wilbourn, school district spokesperson, said, students attending class on Memorial Day and Saturday May 3 will make it possible to end the school year earlier instead of Tuesday June 10.

"We were able to secure that waiver from the state and so we decided to go ahead and release that information so parents can plan," Wilbourn said. "They'll know that if you are in that school you'll be going on Memorial Day but you do get out on June 6th."

According to state law, students must be in school for 178 days.

"They are not excusing these days, we're still going 178 days because that's the law," Wilbourn said. "Basically we're re-arranging and asking for permission to go on Memorial Day and count that as a school day."

Fayetteville students missed 11 school days after ice and snow fell on Northwest Arkansas. If students have additional snow days, the make-up days will be added to the end of the school year.

"I'm totally fine with them ending school earlier," said parent Kelly Wade. "I think my kids need a summer break."

"My son is in football so the summer is an active time for him and make-up days during the school year are fine with me," Wade said.

This new schedule only happens if there are no more snow days declared for the district.

To see the new schedule, click here. 

The school days are different for both Asbell and Happy Hollow elementary schools, though. They use the continuous learning calendar, and they are going to use days from their intersession weeks to makeup snow days. They will not have school on Memorial Day or May 3. To see their schedule, click here.


  • Bobby

    Really? going to school on the most important National holiday(Memorial Day) maybe for class that day they should look back on why we have the freedom we have… it’s not just for the first big weekend at the lake.

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