$2.9 Million To Fund Five NWA Road Projects

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The Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission's (NWARPC) policy committee on Wednesday approved spending $2.9 million in federal money to fund five road projects.

"They are really looking at how to identify areas within our region where this money could be placed that would help improve an intersection, interchange, and make a link between two communities," said Tim Conklin, NWARPC transportation programs planner.

NWARPC receives $6.8 million each year in federal money to fund transportation projects in the region.

"They have really focused on how to improve the overall system with the multiple jurisdictions and working with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department,” Conklin said.

Three of the projects are inside of Springdale. Mayor Doug Sprouse said with the growth the city has seen, comes the need for infrastructure improvements.

"We're very pleased that all of them recognize that those are regionally significant projects and they are important for the region not just Springdale," Sprouse said.

Five Projects:

  • Expand the Elm Springs Road Overpass in Springdale to six lanes.
  • Extend 56th street from the Don Tyson Interchange in Springdale to Johnson Mill Blvd. in Johnson.
  • Continuing the Hwy 265 project from Randall Wobbe Lane to Hwy 264.
  • Design and environmental work on intersection improvements in Bentonville (N. Walton Blvd and Tiger Blvd. as well as 12th Street).
  • Capacity study of Hwy 71 in Bella Vista.


  • Mike Boatman

    In the recent past improvements to intersections have not included right turn lanes. That adds up to wasted time idling at an intersection waiting for through traffic to get the green light and like at some intersections the light can turn red again before getting to position to turn.
    This area continues to grow rapidly, not looking ahead to improve traffic flow money is being wasted or are we going to stay with horse and buggy planning?

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