Alma Police Department Seeks Theft Suspect

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The Alma Police Department is looking for a suspect who walked into a pawn shop, took a rifle, and walked out, according to Lieutenant Jayson Peppas.

The suspect came to River Valley Pawn at approximately 8:20 am, according to Peppas.

Busy to the point that they couldn’t immediately notice or stop him, store clerks were unable to prevent a .243 rifle from being taken.

The suspect took the rifle butt and stuck it down his pants, while putting the top of the rifle up his shirt and walked out of the store, according to Peppas.

He then walked back in and tried to pawn a watch.

It is unknown at this time if the suspect had a vehicle or not.

If anyone can identify this individual or has more information, they are encouraged to call the Alma Police Department at 479-632-3333.


  • Ft Smith

    He had to have had a vehicle to put the rifle in before he came back in. I wish these businesses would get better video equipment. It’s cheap enough these days and would pay for itself after catching one POS like this guy, Just another druggy worthless lazy person that finds it easier to steal than to work

  • bobreal

    Before showing him a weapon they should of asked for a Picture ID to make sure he is who he says he is.. Then hold on to that ID till he returns that weapon..

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