Bella Vista Bypass Section Gets $52 Million Bid

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State highway officials accepted a $52.7 million bid Wednesday for construction of a six-mile portion of the Bella Vista Bypass, according to the Northwest Arkansas Council.

After opening up construction bids on the project, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department accepted the apparent low bid from Kolb Grading LLC, a company out of Weldon Spring, Mo. The three other bids ranged from $56.9 million to $78.2 million, according to the council.

"This project has been in the works for 30 years, and today's bid opening will help advance it and get it almost to the finish line," said Mike Malone with the Northwest Arkansas Council. "I think they picked it because the needs are great in and around Bella Vista. This project will open up commercial corridors for all of western Arkansas and on into Missouri and beyond."

The section of the bypass will run from Bentonville to an area just southeast of Hiwasse, while the entire Bella Vista Bypass will include a 19-mile highway connecting Bentonville to Pineville, Mo.

A different three-mile, $19.9 million section of the bypass project is 96 percent complete, according to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.


  • Arkajun

    I also understand that Missouri does not have the money to complete their section of the highway. This means that Arkansas taxpayers are on the hook after being sold a bill of goods that will lead to another “bridge to nowhere” embarrassment to the state of Arkansas.

    • Arkie

      Don’t forget that it was Arkansas that didn’t have the money in the first place. Missouri was ready to build and we balked. Now that we are ready, everyone is complaining about Missouri. This should have been built years ago. It is badly needed in this area. It is a joke that we have one major road to go North/South. A good portion of the NWA population is funneled onto 540 everyday. NWA is about 15 years behind on road construction.

  • BVboy

    Good ol’ negative nellies are the first to pipe up. Thank goodness they are in the minority, as voters overwhelmingly approved funding this. As for the cost, bridges and overpasses are very expensive if you want them done right. It will be a very difficult interchange project to join the existing, and the new. I think I am in the majority saying I am very pleased to hear this is moving forward.

  • huffmama

    I am sure that Missouri will come up with the money; they had it once, and this bypass will be part of an interstate soon. Besides, the parts that will be completed will help ease the traffic congestion on 71 in Bella Vista where all the parents are dropping their children off at school. The rest of us will have a good alternative to getting to our appointments without being delayed.

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