Edwards Embraces Role as “Team Mom”

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When thinking about the Alma Airedales, swimming doesn`t naturally come to mind, but Maddie Edwards may be changing that. The senior has signed to swim for the Razorbacks next season and leads her team of three into the state tournament this weekend. Edwards has collected a lot of awards and titles in her career but also has the title “team mom.”


“It`s kind of cool to be the older one and be like the mom of the team and really give them advice and just help them throughout this journey,” said Edwards. “I’m going to be gone next year so I`m going to get them as prepared as possible for next year.”


“I really look up to her and I think it`s a good thing because we kind of feed off of her like she’s our energy,” said freshman Madison Shankle.


“It’s really nice because I have someone to look up to and ask questions when I`m not sure how I`m doing or if I`m doing it right,” said freshman Kyla Murders


Edwards doesn`t have the luxury of a full squad to help push her in practice every day, but the future Razorback has embraced her role as the leader and sees it as a way the Airedalettes can improve.


“I was by myself and then they came along, the 9th graders, the freshman, my babies and I think us being as successful as we are only being a three man team I think it`s awesome,” said Edwards. “Just to show how much we work at it to be that good.


Edwards will wrap up her high school career on Saturday in the Arkansas state championship meet but this fall she gets to fulfill her lifelong dream.


“I`ve been swimming since I was six and it`s always been a dream of mine to be a D1 swimmer and then later on I thought it would be so cool to be an Arkansas Razorback.,” said Edwards. “When the opportunity came along that was one of the most exciting moments of my life.”

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