Fraternity Punished After Unsanctioned Party With “Racial Stereotypes”, UA Says

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Photo courtesy of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Zeta Chapter on the University of Arkansas campus.

Leaders of a University of Arkansas fraternity were forced to resign, and other members must carry out community service, after the fraternity held an unsanctioned party “based on disrespectful racial stereotypes” on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, according to a letter sent to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity by the university’s Student Affairs Division.

Fraternities must notify the university of any official fraternity events, including social activities. The Student Affairs letter states the fraternity was punished for holding an unsanctioned party, not for any racial themes at the party.

Seven fraternity officers, including the chapter president, were present at the party, which included underage students drinking alcohol, said Scott Flanagin, director of communications for the University of Arkansas.

All members of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity that were present at the party are required to complete 15 hours of community service.

In addition to the punishments against the officers and fraternity members, the fraternity also cannot participate in social functions for six weeks, and cannot recruit during the spring semester, according to the Student Affairs letter.

The fraternity is also required to remit a $500 payment to the Education Fund account.

The letter states the party included fried chicken and 40-ounce containers of alcohol. The letter goes on to state the theme of the party runs “counter to core values of the University of Arkansas. The university strongly condemns these actions, which reflect poorly on the persons involved, the chapter, and are directly contrary to the university’s decades-long effort to create an environment that is welcoming, respectful and inclusive of persons of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.”


  • Charmise Gondron

    Be careful what you eat and drink at, I mean NEAR the University of Arkansas campus. Otherwise you might be subjected to a government funded re-education camp, I mean “sensitivity training”. The University of Arkansas is ridiculous. They will not get another penny from me other than those they extract from me without my consent as a taxpayer.

  • Andrew Wright

    Oh please. They’re a white boy’s club with a legacy of discrimination and they threw an unsanctioned racial bigotry party. It’s ridiculous that they are getting off as easy as they are.

  • Laura

    Shame on you Charmise! You don’t find a “Fried Chicken” “40ounce” party right after the fraternity marched right up front in the MLK Parade on Dickson offensive?! Maybe if you cut bigger eyeholes in your white sheet you can get a clearer picture of why that is so unacceptable. I think the UofA will make it without your money. Maybe you can buy yourself some grammar lessons.

    • arnold fudpucker

      You bleeding heart types are so silly. I wonder what you are going to do when big brother starts investigating every turn of your private life, that is if you have one.

  • C.H.

    Yes, a fried chicken and 40-oz party on MLK day does have racial undertones but the fraternity wasn’t punished for that. They were punished for holding an unsanctioned social event off-campus without approval from the UofA. Those are the rules set out in the frat’s charter which they agreed to in order to establish their fraternity at the University. If they want to break the rules that they agreed to follow then there should be repercussions and I think the University made the right call. The students weren’t suspended from school, they weren’t charged with any crimes…..the fraternity got fined, the leaders removed for not following their charter, and those involved have to do a minuscule amount of community service hours.

    This news story should go without debate; rules were broken, punishments were handed out.

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