Mobile Vet Center To Conduct Outreach Throughout Arkansas In March

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Beginning March 1, veterans in several communities across Arkansas will have access to the Mobile Vet Center, according to a news release put out today.

Mobile Vet Centers provide nonmedical readjustment counseling and outreach to combat veterans and their families, addressing social and economic dimensions of post-war needs.

Through March, MVC 850 will make stops at multiple places from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm.

It will stop in Bella Vista on Monday (March 3) at 13750 Visitors Center Road. It will also stop in Huntsville at 121 Lee Street.

“The Mobile Vet Center staff respect the privacy of all Veterans and family members, maintaining all information in strictest confidence. Staff will communicate or transfer no information to any third party or agency without the express, written consent of the individual Veteran except in circumstances wherein such communication is absolutely necessary to avert a crisis situation,” the news release stated.

For more information, contact Wanda Shull at 479-443-4301.

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