Two Dogs Take Owner’s Truck for a Joyride

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A man in Tulsa, Okla. got an unpleasant surprise, after he found his truck crashed into the river bed of the Arkansas River.

Who's to blame? His two dogs, Roscoe and Luna. It happened in Tulsa near 25th and Riverside Drive.

The dogs were sitting by themselves in the truck while the owner was inside a home, when they managed to knock it into gear. Off they went, rolling down the street and somehow managing to miss other cars.

According to authorities, the dogs made  it approximately three blocks down a hill. No one was injured and the owner was not issued a citation.

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  • royprhodes

    The owner didn’t PASS a DL Exam..
    Anytime once you park turn the key off take the key out of ingestion; you are to set the emergency brake..

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