Tanyard Creek Nature Trail Reopens, Continues Repairs

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After months of flood-damage repairs and bad weather, the majority of Bella Vista Village’s Tanyard Creek Nature Trail is open once more, according to Christy Attlesey, Communications Manager for the Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association.

“Repairs to the Lake Avalon arm of the trail – the area to the right of the trail head kiosk – include some bank restoration and repairs to the main bridge, as well as tree trimming and removal. The bridge and washout at the water fall overlook, located on the Lake Windsor arm of the trail, have not been repaired. Much of the trail has been closed since sustaining damage during the area’s August 2013 flood,” Attlesey said in a news release put out today.

The repairs don’t include the stream restoration project. That is scheduled to begin later this year. The particular project, which is funded through grants, is intended to repair previously damaged areas of the stream bank, located above and below the trail’s swing bridge.

Staff will now focus on the remaining trail rebuilding, tree removal and debris removal from the creek on the Lake Windsor part of the trail.

That portion of the nature tail should be used with caution, said Vern Olafson, the Property Owners Association’s lakes and parks superintendent.

The paved surface section of the trail, near the pavilion, was not damaged during the flood and remains open for use. The association will announce when the final repairs are done.