Van Buren Police Station Groundbreaking Ceremony To Take Place

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On Monday (March 3) at 10 am, state and local representatives, along with city officials, with gather at 804 Fayetteville Rd on the site of the new Van Buren Police Station to official kick off construction of the $3.6 million facility, according to a news release issued today.

Construction will start at the conclusion of the ceremony.

The new facility, along with the remodel of the existing building on the property, will be a combined space of approximately 21,000 square feet. Construction is scheduled to last approximately twelve months. It was funded by a portion of the special election investment initiative from July 10, 2012.

The citizens of Van Buren approved a one-cent sales tax increase in order to fund a few different city projects, one of them being the new police station, according to the news release.