Authorities Raid Wrong Hotel Room In Search For Local Suspect

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Fort Smith police and parole officers accidentally entered the wrong hotel room earlier this week seeking a wanted suspect.

Following an investigation into an assault by a parolee, authorities tracked the suspect to a local La Quinta hotel, where they walked in on people in a motel room who had no connection to their suspect, said Dina Tyler with the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections.

The suspect is still evading authorities, she said.

Fort Smith authorities responded to a call Wednesday (Feb. 26) about a woman who said a parolee assaulted her. Although the suspect got away, parole officers received credible information that the wanted man was at the La Quinta hotel on Boston Street, Tyler said.

Police and parole officers acquired a key from the hotel’s manager to the room in which they thought the suspect was staying. Authorities used the key to enter the room, but instead of seeing their suspect, they came across people with no connection to the case, Tyler said.

“From time to time, your information is going to be wrong,” she said.

Authorities apologized and left the room, she said.

There are no suspensions or internal investigations stemming from the incident, Tyler said.

"They did everything they should have done," she said.

A warrant on suspicion of violating parole was issued for the suspect, whose name is not being released by investigators.


  • Stephen

    So it’s OK to break into a hotel room without a warrant in search of a parole violation??? What about the 4th amendment to the Constitution?

  • mike

    I would get an attorney and sue fspd for invasion of privacy
    Breaking and entering or something thay had no reason for being there

  • Jason

    One door to the room, one window… couple officers in back of the building in case suspect decides to exit through a window… A KNOCK ON THE DOOR IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AS GESTAPO. No one answers, then use the key. “They did everything they should have done” sums it all up nicely, we are a police state comrade.

    • Jen Vanhal

      Hi jason! It was my parents room! They did not knock- they busted in with guns drawn on my 56 year mom and 61 year old dad (both naked!!!!) my mother had a loaded gun drawn on her from about 3 feet away!!!

  • Low Riden

    when u agree to parole,u have no fourth amendment,,u are basically an open book for p.o. the residence that u reside may be entered at anytime without anyones permission,,or even notice,,,even if the residence belongs to someone else,,,they walked right into my brothers house,,without knocking,,right down the hallway to his bedroom and entered his bedroom,,,and that was just a random check,,,id done nothing wrong or violated my parole,,,,just how it is,

  • joesumone

    This was just the first run for the FSPD using their new power granted to them by the Supreme Court of the US. The court ruled on a California case where cops entered a residence without consent and without a warrant and found it to be allowable for public safety reasons. Sadly, the 6 male justices were the majority in favor of the cops, the 3 female justices in the dissent. They pretty much just erased the 4th Amendment and this will become more common place. Welcome to the Western Branch of the Soviet Union.

  • Jen Vanhal

    THIS STORY IS ABOUT MY PARENTS!!!! This is what I sent out via FB———I’m Just wondering if it’s common practice for Correction Officers to bust in on hotel rooms (La Quinta in Ft Smith)? It happen yesterday morning to my parents that registered with a MN drivers licenses and paid for with a credit card. The only thing matching was the first and last name of the person of interest. These officers had guns drawn and did not knock- they just busted in around 8:30am. My poor mom was half dressed and they wouldn’t let her cover her bare crouch!! My dad also was naked getting in the shower almost had a heart attack!!! Lucy (their dog) was scared to death, lucky they didn’t shoot her! They realized dad was not a tattooed 35 year old and left without even checking the room, They didn’t even apologize!!!! La Quinta on the other hand was more than apologetic and said the officers flashed a piece of paper and that they were required to give them a key card in…. Funny officers flash guns in peoples faces and papers in workers faces without even seeing if IDs match!!!! This was not a door to door check, only my parents room, because they were looking for a 35 year old named Michael McClure Herman, who jumped bail or parole? Is the just how it works?!?! Mom and Dad got the hell out of Ak (they were going to stop and see a friend in Bentonville but decided to get out of that state) They are still pretty shaken up! I have spoken to the Ft Smith Sargent and he won’t comment except to say his department assisted the Corrections Officers as back up, he gave me another number to call but I’m trying to get some more information on mom and dads rights before I even speak to them…. Do they have rights?

  • cmc080704

    To every one of these people cursing the police: If someone held you up, beat you up, stole all your money/possesions, killed your family, etc., who would YOU call, the local crack dealer, or child molester, or murderer? The police do a job NO ONE else wants to do and, by the sheer volume of how many times they have to do it, at some point they are going to make mistakes. Even though the people were (rightfully) frightened, no one was hurt, so LET IT GO! Police officers are only human and will make mistakes, as we all do.

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