BOST Opens New Housing Development

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BOST opened the Jones Family Lifebridge Home Friday (Feb. 28) for people with intellectual and physical disabilities at Chaffee Crossing.

The new housing development features four ADA accessible units and an office to provide round the clock onsite staff. Each apartment offers wide doorways and hallways, height-adjustable tables and counter tops, barrier-free showers, and a storm safe room.

Each bed has already been assigned to an existing BOST client. Residents will move into their new homes next week.

The $800,000 project was paid for through fundraising and donations.

This housing development joins two other housing complexes in the area and takes the family name of the executive director of BOST, Kent Jones. BOST has 26 acres at Chaffee Crossing which will be developing in the coming years, according to Jones.

"We're looking at additional housing for our aging population,” Jones said. “We're possibly considering a pre-school. It will go along with the growth here at Chaffee Crossing. As the whole area and community grows, we'll grow with it. Make sure that people with disabilities, regardless of their needs, are able to stay in their community."

BOST serves more than 1,000 people throughout 34 counties in western Arkansas.

Jones says BOST has plans to build similar housing in Northwest Arkansas within the next few years. BOST leaders are currently working to secure a location and funding for the project.