Logan County Residents Get Restless With No Update On Escaped Inmate

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Day 5 in the search for a Logan County convict who is on the run. The Sheriff's office said they have no leads and did not have any updates on the investigation into how the man got away.

Johnson County Sheriff Jimmy Dorney said they were willing to assist in the search but had heard nothing from Logan County on how the search was going.

Dorney said he believed Topham was still in Logan County.

"They know exactly where this fellas at. They know exactly where he's located but because he's a friend or a family member they're not going to turn him in," said Dorney.

One resident in Logan County said jail workers should be held accountable since Topham was gone so long before anyone noticed him missing.

Other residents said they couldn't believe he got away a second time and they will be making sure their doors are lockedĀ  and their children are close.

Dorney said the chances of Topham escaping forever is very slim.

"There's always been just a small percentage of the population that has ever escaped custody and have gotten away forever," said Dorney



  • Logan county residence

    New sheriff needed in Logan county… Pretty sad when other counties are willing to help find this inmate and the help is not taking… Shows how much our sheriff is looking out for the safety of our county

  • Johnson County resident

    If the Sheriff from Johnson County was so eager to help then why didn’t he contact them? Why would they interview him anyway? Oh wait because it’s an election year and he needs all the publicity he can get. Trying to be helpful now doesn’t help when you aren’t helpful in your own county.

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