Two juveniles Arrested After Dog Abuse Video Goes Viral

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Two juveniles have been arrested after video of a teen abusing a dog was posted on Facebook.

Facebook user Coats Keshawn posted the video on Tuesday. His post shows a teen abusing a dog. A person can be heard behind the camera laughing as a young man body slams the pet into the front yard. He then starts punching the animal, over and over. St. Louis police say that are investigating the incident.

Fox 2 caught up with the mother of one of the teens who was headed to go see her son at a juvenile facility.

“Yea I’m shocked about what happened because you know I didn’t think my son could do something like that, no way,” she stated.

The teen seen in the video and the teen shooting it  have both been charged with animal abuse. The case is now being handled by the St. Louis County Family Court.

Police say the puppy involved in this incident has been seized by animal control, and will be carefully examined and treated for any injuries. The dog, which is about 6 to 7 months old, will stay there while the case is active and then she will be put up for adoption.

The St. Louis County Police have issued to statement saying it takes this case very seriously and has a zero tolerance approach towards treatment of animals.

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  • Joshua Medlock

    That person should be shot. I’m sorry. I have animals and I watch wwe but I would NEVER do that to my animals. I Love my animals to much and they are part of our family. They are mine and my wifes other 2 kids we call them, except they have 4 legs. I Love dogs. Don’t ever let me catch anyone abusing an animal or I will personally take care of it my self, then call the police. IT’s sick, and stupid.

    • Ft Smith

      I agree they should be shot and beat. That is why pits turn bad. The ABUSE. Not just pit but other big dogs learn to defend themselves and forget there are people out there that love them

  • Lacey Goodson

    Notice how there is no mention of the Pitt bull harming the abusers. Even during this awful act, the Pitt did not retaliate. Pitts have a bad rap but are some of the most gentle giants around. This breaks my heart.

  • Brittney

    It is treatment like this that makes pit bulls grow up to be the monsters everyone thinks they are. In my mind, that is the same as doing that to a 6 or 7 year old child. It’s disgusting!

  • Debbie McGhee-Howell

    I am heartmsick! This is exactly why Pit Bulls have such bad reputation. People like these kids treat them like this and then wonder why the dog is mean. If that was a tiny breed of dog the first slam most likely would have killed it and nothing else would be known. I am the very proud owner of a Pit Bull, a pomeranian and a miniature dachsund. If I ever see any human, adult or child treat any animal in such manner, I will cease the animal and make sure police, animal control and parents if needed are on the scene before I leave. Proven fact, these children will grow up to be violent offenders!!!

  • Suzanne Dalton

    Two young people just ruined their lives for the next few years. Now they will have a police record that follows them until they turn 18 or 21. They will be tried as juveniles, which I think is wrong. This is how the serial killers start, with animal abuse. Lock them up till they are old old old. Hope that poor pup finds a decent home and finds love.

    • Diane Campbell


  • happy happy happy

    I just don’t understand why kids believe this type of behavior is acceptable. Somewhere the parents are failing their children when this is being allowed as acceptable with no consequences from parents…forget consequences from the legal system. We all know that will be a slap on the wrist…… Until parents are held accountable for their “minor” children’s actions, then the kids will continue to perform acts like this and worse.

  • Michael Norris

    Why, if this station is so outraged, did they have to show the video, making sure that people who didn’t see it on YouTube would watch it here.

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