19 Year Old Girl’s Truck Collides With Tree

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Around 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon weather and road conditions off Highway 45 near Hackett caused a  19- year-old girl and her pick up truck to collide with a tree and flip over.

"It started sleeting so bad that her windshield wipers froze up and she went off the road and flipped the car on the side," said Corporal William Cooper of the Sebastian County Sheriff's Department.

Cooper said the girl did not appear to be injured but that her family said they would take her to the hospital for further evaluation.

According to Cooper no one else was in the vehicle at the time of the accident and no other cars were involved with the wreck.

Cooper also said that was his first wreck of the day but he was anticipating more to come up throughout the day.

"Crews are coming out; they've been called, even the state road crews have been on the standby since this morning so there is people coming out and trying to clear some of this up," said Cooper.