Man Killed In Crash On Snowy Interstate Identified

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One person was killed and two others were hospitalized in a single-vehicle accident on snowy Interstate 540 between Exits 81 and 82 in Rogers on Sunday (March 2), officials said.

The person who was killed, 35-year-old Bruce Kanki of Springdale, was ejected from a 2004 Dodge Durango that left the roadway and plunged down an embankment into a rock creek bed about 1:55 p.m., according to an Arkansas State Police report. He had been riding in the back seat and was pronounced dead at the scene by the Benton County coroner.

The driver, Daniel Naisher, 24, of Springdale, faces charges of careless/prohibited driving and not having insurance, according to the report. He was taken to Mercy Hospital in Rogers with non-life-threatening injuries.

The third occupant, Allee Naisher, 25, of Springdale, also was hospitalized at Mercy, according to the report. He was riding in the front passenger seat.

The vehicle was traveling from Missouri to Springdale in the southbound lanes when it lost control in a curve on the ice- and snow-covered roadway south of the Bellview overpass, the report states. The vehicle struck a guardrail and then hit the retaining wall of a bridge, sliding along the edge and top of the retaining wall before going over the side and into a rock creek bed, the report states.


  • Parrot Sarnoso

    Very sad. People should slow their speed in this kind of weather. Is better to arrive late, than never….!

  • bob

    I drive 35 to 40 mph on this weather and never have any problems but i see people all the time flying down the icey roads. The person was in a
    hurry but ended up ariving “late

  • Chris

    People in this area drive so stupid anymore. It doesn’t help that half these retards around here drive in the PASSING lane. Why can’t you people understand that is the law? More accidents happen because of someone in the fast lane has to go around someone in the slow lane.

  • Ryan

    Folks were told to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.
    Life threatening situations (medication, emergency care needed) are the only things “necessary” to be out on the roads.
    Health care, police and fire the only exceptions. Going to Wal-Mart for Cheetos isn’t a necessity .

  • Lee

    Someone lost their life but people can comment on stupidity? I’m sorry, but I’m almost certain that the driver of the vehicle never intended on something like this to happen. There are a million different ways that things can go wrong, and a million different ways it could have been prevented, but to sum up an entire population by calling them stupid? Stay off the roads if at all possible and be aware of other people who may be driving carelessly. You should probably not be driving so fast in this weather that passing people becomes an inconvenience.

  • Angela

    Most people in NWA are crazy drivers, they want to drive to fast in a hurry to get no where. I have had people honk because I wouldn’t pull out across a busy street and they decided to go around me and pull out in front of a lot of cross traffic it’s those people who cause the accidents and those who can’t read English and don’ have a drivers license!

  • jamie

    I think we are missing the message here someone lost their life and someone else is going to have to live the test of theirs knowing they were behind the wheel when it happened. Instead of criticizing we need to take heed to the warning and stay off of the roads so that we are not in either of these positions. Thank you Jesus for my life and I value it.

  • Janna

    My prayers go out to the family who lost a loved one in this accident. Let’s not so quickly criticize but pray for all involved, could have happened to any of us

  • atc8824

    Some of us have to work no matter what it’s doing outside.Our employer doesn’t care if we make it or not as long as their product arrives on time.If I had a choice I would stay home not driving for fun. I feel bad for the man and his friends.My prayers to his family.

  • claudy lokeijak

    It is very important that people should drive careful and know what there doing on the road, also please do get a auto insurance because u never know what going to haven on the road…’s worthy having insurance than spending on your money on some unworthy stuff….

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