River Valley Roadways

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The morning commute Monday was a slick one across the River Valley. 5NEWS Reporter Katie Kormann took to the streets and reported traffic lanes were difficult to see while driving.

This picture was taken by 5NEWS crews Monday morning on Interstate 540 in Fort Smith.

540 Fort Smith

A mix of heavy sleet and rain fell across the area beginning early Sunday morning (March 2).

Only a few drivers were on the road in Roland, Okla.,  and those that ventured out were driving slow due to the amount of ice on the roadway as well as on their cars.

The light rain caused the ground to be very slushy, and one driver said it he ended up sliding off the road into a ditch. He said he was able to get himself out later without having to call for assistance.

In Van Buren the rain was lighter than in Roland, Ok., leaving a lot more solid ice on the ground.

One resident said even with four wheel drive on his car he still slide sideways on the roads.

In Fort Smith the roads were rock hard due to the ice. Some small patches looked slushy but the majority of the roads were completely covered with ice.

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