Improved River Valley Roads

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There were dangerous driving conditions during Monday (March 3) morning's commute.

The sun came out during the day, melting ice, and helped clear main roads across the River Valley.

In Roland the roads were clear. Cars that were out were driving the normal speed limit and avoided the small ice patches off the sides of the roads. Side streets such as Shady were clear as well.

Van Buren main roads were clear, even steep areas such as Log Town Hill. Drivers were traveling with little to no problems.

One Van Buren man was surprised the roads were so clear he said "the roads have been pretty clear. These roads have been alright it seems like. I did expect it to be a little bit worse, but I think with the day we've been having and the little but of sun coming out and stuff it's kinda made it a little bit better."

Side streets such as Drennen and Knox were still icy and slick. One Florida man, in Fort Smith for business, said the weather was new to him and he had  slipped trying to walk on the slick roads.

Sidewalks in both Van Buren and the Fort Smith area were still icy.

Roads such as Grand and Garrison in Fort Smith were clear but areas around North 14th street still had ice on them.