Advance Your Life Job Training Event To Be Held In Northwest Arkansas

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The Thrive Christian Church has partnered with Arkansas Workforce, Goodwill, local business leaders and HR experts to offer a job-training event called “Advance Your Life,” according to a news release put out today.

It’s a free job-training event for anyone in the community looking for a job or a career change.

Registration for the event can be done by clicking here.

The event will be at the Thrive Christian Church on North College Avenue next to Shakes. It will take place on March 15, and lunch is included with the free registration.

Doors open at 8:15 am, and advance begins at 9 am.

Advance ends at 3:20 pm.

Participants will walk away with a professional resume ready to hand in. The second session will share tips on how to get an interview and personal coaching on how to nail it.

Advance will finish with a talk on how to follow-through and keep the job after the first 90 days.