Arkansas House Passes ‘Private Option’

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The Arkansas House of Representatives voted to pass SB111 today, which included appropriation for the Medicaid compromise known as the “Private Option,” according to a Tweet from the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Passing with a vote of 76-24, it now goes to Governor Beebe’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.

The bill reauthorizes funding for the “Private Option” program that uses federal Medicaid funds to purchase private insurance for low-income residents. Arkansas was the first state to win federal approval for such a model, an alternative to expanding Medicaid under the federal health care law, according to our affiliate station KTHV – Channel 11.

It will keep alive a program that’s extended health coverage to nearly 94,000 people.

The Arkansas House of Representatives is adjourned until 1:30 pm Wednesday.


To read our affiliate station KTHV – Channel 11’s story, click here.


  • Sarah 1

    Hallelujah! Medical help for the poor. Compassion for our neediest. Thank you Arkansas for steering the right course.

    • Elaphas

      Supporters of a permanent welfare state in Arkansas are no better than the communists who have failed throughout history to establish a system of income redistribution. One day, the gravy train will end and then you’ll be signing “hallelujah” as the “poor” break down your door to steal your food and valuables (and you’ll be lucky if that’s all they take).

  • Joan

    What happens in 2017 when Arkansas taxpayers have to foot more of the bill for this? Since by law we must balance our budget, either taxes go up or something will get cut. The poor could always get health care; what was the purpose of the state health departments, and shouldn’t their budget be cut since some of their services are no longer needed?

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