BLOG: Man Sues McDonald’s Over Napkins

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McDonald’s is facing a $1.5 million lawsuit which started over the number of napkins a customer received. TMZ identifies the man as Webster Lucas, who claims he got into a dispute at his Pacoima, CA McDonald’s when he asked for more napkins and was denied. Lucas says he received one napkin with his order, and claims there was a racially-motivated remark spoken by the manager.

Reports show Lucas  emailed the general manager of the store noting he suffered mental anguish over the matter which prevented him from working. The general manger offered Lucas free burgers, Lucas decided to sue for $1.5 million instead.


  • would u like some BS with that order?

    Playing the racial card again. One napkin is not right in the first place but McDonalds should pay up! but not millions of dollars. This “victim” should get a grip. Nice try but I hope all you get is some extra napkins buddy.

    • atc8824

      What gets me is most McDonald’s have extra napkins beside the soda machines.Was it to hard to pick up a few?Even if he went through drive thru he could have ran inside quickly.I bet he spent more time waiting in the drive thru to complain as it would have taken to get a few napkins.If he gets this upset over napkins whats he gonna do when life really throws him a curve?

  • atc8824

    I am sick of the race card!!!!Every black that doesn’t get their way cries racism!!!!Funny Asians,Spanish and other races do not play the race card.

  • meme101

    Asians, and Latin people play the race card all the time. And it is pretty prejudice of you Mr. atc8824 to say that “every black that doesn’t get their way cries racism.” When people stop being a@@holes and stop with discrimination, then maybe we can finally stop thinking that it is because of race.

  • michael

    this guy needs to get a grip on life. Any judge that doesn’t laugh at this guy should not be a judge. To this guy, you are a real POS. GET REAL. You are a joke. Black people are the most racist around and they create there own stereotype. Stop complaining about napkins and move on. Not everything is a lawsuit. Good luck buddy and to all of you that think this guy should win this suit then you are just as screwed up and are lousy human beings.

  • Sherry Southward

    The court should rule in his favor and give him a years worth of NAPKINS !!!! You want money go out and get a job. Stop suing people and business over crazy things !!! Time to grow up .

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