Two Logan County Jailers Suspended In Convict’s Escape

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Two Logan County Sheriff's Office jailers have been suspended for five days without pay after a convict escaped from the county jail in Paris last month, officials said.

The jailers, whose names have not been released, also were placed on six months probation, according to David Spicer, Logan County chief deputy and jail administrator.

The jailers received the suspension and probation for not following jail policy in the Feb. 24 escape, Spicer said.

The escapee, Gary Topham of Magazine (pictured above), was not reported missing until the next day, officials said. On March 2, Topham was captured by Del City, Okla., according to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

Topham escaped through a hole in the fence that another inmate helped him cut, Spicer said.

The same inmate, identified as Allen Parsons (pictured below), used newspapers to make it appear as though Topham were still in his bed, the chief deputy said.

Also, when other inmates called out asking for Topham after he'd already escaped, Parsons would yell back as if he were Topham, Spicer said.

The inmate faces a criminal charge in helping Topham escape, officials said.

Topham was in the jail awaiting transfer to an Arkansas Department of Correction prison on a drug conviction. He previously escaped from the Logan County Jail last year.

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  • runforrestrun

    The guards were Darrell and his other brother Darrell. What do you expect from these one horse towns?

  • Sean

    I was in Paris one time and this Sheriff Spicer was a deputy at the time. He came over to my car in a parking lot (for no other reason besides he was bored I guess, I didn’t even have on any music) and said he smelled marijuana so he had a right to search me. I had not smoked any marijuana and he found no marijuana. I knew I could not trust him then and thought it was worth sharing, that is all.

  • Chrystle

    What about the jailer named Tammy, i’m not sure if she still works there, but she was jealous os the female inmates! lol. If you spoke to another jailer during the times she was not on duty she would do her best tomake your life a living until you left there. lol. She was in love with the cop there.named Joe P.

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