Some Area Roads Remain Frozen Tuesday

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Some secondary and surface roads in Northwest Arkansas still have slippery spots packed with ice and snow, despite two days of sunshine and snow plows.

Following Sunday’s snowfall, main roads started clearing up by Monday and Tuesday. However, residents in rural areas and streets away from the major roadways are still seeing ice-covered streets.

Road officials said there are 1,000 miles of secondary and dirt roads in Benton County. Marti Madden lives in Lowell and said her home was still surrounded by slick streets as of Tuesday afternoon.

“The roads are still completely covered with ice, and it’s still real slick when the sun comes up,” she said. “For the most part, they’re pretty clear in the main towns. But those back streets are still pretty bad.”

Road workers still predicted many side roads, such as Madden’s, would be clear by Tuesday night.

Secondary roads were also still covered with snow and ice Tuesday in Washington County, where road officials said

"Around Wedington (Drive), conditions are not too good," said Jared Kelly. "It's been pretty rough, especially when you only have two-wheel drive."

Kelly said he has seen many people get stuck on icy roads, and found himself in that position Tuesday.

"It was embarrassing. I wish I could've pulled myself out," he said.