Fayetteville Trash Collection Delayed After Winter Weather

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Icy road conditions from the weekend snowfall halted garbage collection this week in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville.

Garbage trucks in Fayetteville did not run on Monday or Tuesday. The city’s trash services will run on a delay the rest of this week, and all garbage is scheduled to be collected by Saturday, said Brian Pugh, waste reduction coordinator for Fayetteville’s Solid Waste division.

"Go ahead and put your containers out on your scheduled collection day," he said. "If we are unable to pick the trash up on that day, just know we will be coming later in the week to pick those up."

But in some neighborhoods people said they're dealing with a big mess. According to the city, Jennifer Massie will not get her trash picked up until later this week.

"My trash can gets full quickly, so if they don't come and I have a bag that needs to go in there, I can't fit it in," Massie said.

Massie is not alone. Jennie Alves said there is no room for more bags in her trash can.

"I don't want to see their trucks slipping and sliding, but we are on day four and nothing has been done," she said.

The Fayetteville Solid Waste Division told 5NEWS residents need to just hold on.

"We want people to understand and be patient with us," Pugh said. 'We will get trash collections picked up."

Pugh said people who experienced a delay in trash pickup will not be charged a fee if their trash can lids are up.

Trash collection in Springdale and Bentonville is one day behind schedule, with workers set to pick up all garbage by the end of the week, officials in both cities said.